Waiver Wire Gems of Week 2

First of all, let me clarify that these typically are released on Sunday – we waited until all the games concluded even though some leagues may have waiver wires that already ran. It’ll be a better schedule moving forward :).

Also we typically build this list based on Fantrax’s rostered percentage but that’s not populating yet. So let’s take a guess at some key players you can add to your waiver wire selections for the season!

At QB, we saw Drake Maye look the part against two overmatched opponents (defensively overmatched, obviously any offense will look great against the terrible UNC defense). His ability to run paired with his excellent accuracy should make for an almost every-week starter in the ACC. 

Donovan Smith will take the reins at Texas Tech due to an injury and he’ll put up some points! Maybe he can keep that gig.  

Clay Millen and his Colorado State team was mismatched in week 1 against Michigan. I expect he and Tory Horton will be a great stack to have in fantasy throughout conference play. 

At RB. Rodney Hammond, EJ Smith, and Montrell Johnson all looked to be integral parts of run-heavy offenses – all worthy of a waiver wire addition. Jadyn Ott looked great and produced for Cal. We’ll have to wait and see who really takes the lead at RB for UNC. 

At WR, Charlie Jones from Purdue and Emeka Egbuka from Ohio State look like they COULD BE every-week fantasy starters. Traeshon Holden of Alabama could be in for a special season alongside Jermaine Burton. 

Drake MayeUNCQBFr@GASt (32nd)<br/>Sat 12:00PM98.9449.47
Todd CenteioJMUQBSrNorf (150th)<br/>Sat 4:00PM58.4858.48
Donovan SmithTxTchQBSoHou (89th)<br/>Sat 4:00PM33.7433.74
N’Kosi PerryFlAtlQBJrSouLA (150th)<br/>Sat 6:00PM68.734.35
J.J. McCarthyMichQBSoHawaii (87th)<br/>Sat 8:00PM12.212.2
Clay MillenColStQBFrMidTN (98th)<br/>Sat 4:00PM7.487.48
Reese WhiteCoCarRBSrGWebb (150th)<br/>Sat 6:00PM34.334.3
Anthony GrantNebRBJrGaSo<br/>Sat 7:30PM55.627.8
Tyjae SpearsTulRBJrAlcSt (150th)<br/>Sat 7:00PM27.927.9
E.J. SmithStanRBJrUSC (49th)<br/>Sat 7:30PM2828
Rodney HammondPittRBSoTenn (23rd)<br/>Sat 3:30PM25.925.9
Jalen BergerMSURBSoAkr<br/>Sat 4:00PM1616
Corey KinerCinRBFrKSU (150th)<br/>Sat 3:30PM11.911.9
Christian TurnerWakeRBJr@Vand (27th)<br/>Sat 12:00PM24.824.8
Montrell JohnsonFlaRBSoKY (33rd)<br/>Sat 7:00PM13.413.4
Jaydn OttCalRBFrUNLV<br/>Sat 4:00PM2020
Omarion HamptonUNCRBFr@GASt (57th)<br/>Sat 12:00PM29.814.9
George PettawayUNCRBFr@GASt (57th)<br/>Sat 12:00PM23.211.6
Emeka EgbukaOSUWRSoArkSt<br/>Sat 12:00PM19.519.5
Traeshon HoldenAlaWRJr@Tex (31st)<br/>Sat 12:00PM21.521.5
Tory HortonColStWRJrMidTN (96th)<br/>Sat 4:00PM15.915.9
Kazmeir AllenUCLARB,WRJrAlaSt (150th)<br/>Sat 5:00PM19.519.5
Justin McGriffUtStWRSrWeb (150th)<br/>Sat 7:00PM13.96.95
Javon BakerUCFWRJrLou (47th)<br/>Fri 7:30PM16.916.9
Bru McCoyTennWRJr@Pitt (65th)<br/>Sat 3:30PM5.75.7
Charlie JonesPurdWRSrInSt (150th)<br/>Sat 4:00PM27.327.3

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