Top 300 College Fantasy Football Quarterback Seasons of All-Time

Bailey Zappe compiled some tremendous numbers during the 2021 college football season, the Western Kentucky QB finished with 62 touchdowns and just under 6,000 passing yards. This got us thinking – where would Zappe’s 2021 season rank all-time?

The answer turned out to be 10th! Here’s how we know. 

We compiled all of the top 110ish quarterback performances of every season from 2021 back to 1980, capturing all of the seasons in between Georgia’s last two national championships. 

Ahhhh Some Old & Familiar Names!

The best part about the time spent gathering the data was seeing all of the players I either grew up watching or watched in the NFL. 

Some random observations that had meaning to me:

  • BYU and Houston are extremely well-represented.
  • I loved seeing old names in the top 30  like Steve Young and Jim McMahon from the early ’80s.
  • Danny Weuffel was one spot ahead of Peyton Manning just like the college days when Peyton never beat Florida.
  • CFF legend Case Keenum makes the list 3 times
  • Tebow does too ^
  • Johnny Football is 5th all-time against SEC defenses 
  • Some other fun names: Kliff Kingsbury, Drew Brees, Big Ben, Ryan Leaf, Julian Edelman


I was also surprised by some names that didn’t make the list like John Elway!

The Scoring System

Passing Yards: 1 point for every 40 yards (technically 0.025*n)

Passing Touchdowns: 6 points

Rushing Yards: 1 point for every 10 yards

Rushing Touchdowns: 6 points

*Players were ranked by fantasy points per game with some other qualifiers

* Sacks and Interceptions were not factored as negative points

Is Dual-Threat Really Dominant?

We included a stat that shows the percentage of fantasy points that came from passing to show the number of pocket passers vs dual threat. 

It’s wild seeing #10 Zappe at almost 97% passing right next to Jordan Lynch under 40% passing. 

What do you think!?

Have some ideas or questions? Want to view the data differently?

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