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The CFBDynasty College Fantasy Football Rankings are a year round effort that involves a team collaboration. Rankings will remain up to date as news happens. CFBDynasty provides rankings for Standard, Keeper, and Dynasty league formats as well as cheat sheets closer to draft season. Also be certain to check out our DFS Rankings for college football if you participate on DraftKings or FanDuel.

All of our weekly rankings will appear here throughout the season. If you’re new to college fantasy football, check out our ultimate guide to college fantasy football rules set up!

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Deepest college fantasy football rankings in the industry. In-season weekly rankings and DFS tools. Winning starts here.

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Identify Sleepers

From breaking news to impact transfers on more than 100 teams, CFBDynasty has you covered. We’re constantly establishing new relationships to provide insightful content.

Spot Trends

Our rankings adjust with the latest trends like a key offensive coordinator switching schools or scheme change that impacts your lineup.

Optimized Lineup

Weekly rankings provided to our members use up-to-date metrics once statistically significant, also factoring in odds, over/unders, and weather.

Win your League

Whether you play for money, a ring, a traveling trophy, or simple bragging rights, CFBDynasty wants to help you win your championship.

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Deepest college fantasy football rankings in the industry. In-season weekly rankings and DFS. Winning starts here.

How the rankings are built

CFBDynasty’s goal is to serve the college football world with the best set of rankings providing our members with an unfair advantage heading to the draft. In addition, we provide weekly rankings during the season, meticulously designed to provide owners with the best odds at setting the ideal lineup.

The data that goes into the rankings is designed to provide you with the best statistical opportunity to win. Every decision matters and college football can be absolutely unpredictable. Our formula has helped our members win fantasy leagues and win DFS matchups. Here’s a look into what we currently use to determine rankings (among other things).


The spread represents the number of what sports books as the difference between the two teams facing each other. So if our chart shows Alabama -14, we're using metric as a basis to assume Alabama will score 14 points more than their opponent in the upcoming game.

Statistical Analysis

With each passing week, new data points provide fantasy football owners with better consistency and ability to dial in decisions with more confidence. As yards, catches, targets, touchdowns all reach statistical significance - rankings get smarter.


The Over/Under represents the number of what sports books project as the combined score between both teams in their upcoming matchup. With Over/Under and the Spread, we calculate the number of points for the home and away team for every game each week.


Not much worse than tuning into your game and noticing far too late that is snowing or a downpour - thus realizing that your odds at fantasy points are far diminished. We certainly take a look at weather, but our future algorithm will handle this automatically!

Rankings Upgrade '23

Coming in 2023 (one season later than anticipated), CFBDynasty rankings gain a significant boost. Our new database combined with statistics, weather, and Vegas metrics - we'll be able to provide the ultimate tool for settings college fantasy lineups and optimize college DFS lineups!

Ultimate Guide to League Setup!

Getting started with college fantasy football

Not enough people are playing college fantasy football! Starting a league for the first time introduces quite a few obstacles as compared to the standard NFL fantasy. We've laid out the things to consider so you can tackle them however you want. Our in-depth guide includes everything you need to decide on the player pool, league type, scoring system nuances, transaction policies, and a league constitution.

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Is College fantasy football a thing?

Yes! College fantasy football is a fantastic addition to the college football experience. There are some stark differences from its NFL counterpart, and college fantasy includes incredible advantages - new star players breakout every season, the waiver wire is alive weekly, and from Tuesday #MACtion through Saturday night - it's a shame so many football fans are late to the game. Get started!

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Deepest college fantasy football rankings in the industry. In-season weekly rankings and DFS. Winning starts here.