2024 College Fantasy Running Back Rankings

As we gear up for another electrifying college football season, CFBDynasty is once again at the forefront, offering unrivaled insights into the 2024 college fantasy football landscape. This year, our spotlight turns to the running back position, where the stakes are higher than ever. We’re thrilled to announce that our 2024 college fantasy football running back rankings are now available, featuring an expansive list of over 300 running backs (currently a work in progress still of course).

The buzz this season centers around the return of last year’s standout performers – Ollie Gordon, Ashton Jeanty, and Omarion Hampton. These top-tier running backs left an indelible mark on the 2023 season with their explosive plays and consistent performance, and their return promises to bring even more excitement and strategy to the fantasy football table.

At CFBDynasty, we understand the dynamics of college football and fantasy sports, which is why our rankings are continuously updated to reflect the latest developments in spring practices, fall camps, and the transfer portal. This ensures that you have the most current and strategic insights to make the best decisions for your fantasy team.

As the season progresses, we don’t just stop at pre-season rankings. CFBDynasty provides in-season rankings and cutting-edge tools designed for lineup optimization, ensuring that you remain ahead of the competition every step of the way. Whether you’re looking to defend your title or aiming for your first championship, CFBDynasty is your go-to source for dominating your college fantasy football league.

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