Projecting Top QBs in the College Football 25 Video Game

EA Sports College Football 25 represents a significant leap forward in virtual college football. With a name that carries the weight of history and the excitement of what’s to come, the game is already generating buzz across the gaming and sports communities. Kirk Herbstreit’s recent leaks only add to the hype, hinting at a game that’s more immersive and authentic than ever before.

We at CFBDynasty are thrilled to announce our excitement for Projecting Top QBs in the College Football 25 Video Game! We dive into the action-packed world of college football gaming, where our QB projections prioritize raw talent over our normal fantasy points projections. Get ready for an exciting gridiron adventure as you strap on your virtual helmet!

#10 Kaidon Salter

QB Kaidon Salter earns the number 10 spot in our video game rankings due to his exceptional athletic ability. Renowned for his agility, speed, and versatility on the field, Salter brings a dynamic edge to any team. His remarkable athleticism allows for creative playmaking and strategic maneuvers, making him a formidable force in the game. Whether evading defenders with his speed or launching precise passes, Salter’s athletic prowess sets him apart as a top-tier quarterback in our rankings.

#9 Jalon Daniels

Jalon Daniels lands himself in the number 9 spot in our video game rankings due to his exceptional overall awareness and athletic prowess on the field. Daniels consistently demonstrates a deep understanding of the game. His ability to read defenses, anticipate plays, and adjust on the fly sets him apart as a strategic mastermind on the gridiron. Additionally, Daniels’ outstanding athletic ability further enhances his impact on the field. With remarkable speed, agility, and strength, he possesses the versatility to excel in various facets of the game, whether evading defenders with finesse or launching precision passes downfield.

#8 Nico Iamaleava

QB Nico Iamaleava secures the number 8 spot in our video game rankings, showcasing his exceptional arm strength and immense potential. With a cannon for an arm, Iamaleava possesses the ability to launch deep passes with unparalleled velocity and accuracy, making him a constant threat downfield. His raw talent and natural ability suggest a high ceiling for future growth and development, promising exciting possibilities for his career. With his combination of arm strength and promising potential, Iamaleava emerges as a dynamic quarterback in our rankings, poised to make a significant impact on the virtual gridiron.

#7 Carson Beck

QB Carson Beck earns the distinguished number 7 spot in our video game rankings, primarily for his remarkable arm talent, pinpoint accuracy, and exceptional intelligence on the field. Although not known for his running abilities, Beck’s cerebral approach to the game sets him apart as a strategic mastermind. His keen understanding of offensive schemes, defensive reads, and situational awareness allows him to excel in orchestrating the offense with precision and finesse. With his combination of intelligence, arm talent, and accuracy, Beck emerges as a formidable quarterback in our rankings, capable of dissecting defenses and leading his team to victory with his exceptional skills.

#6 Jalen Milroe

Jalen Milroe earns the impressive number 6 spot in our video game rankings, showcasing his electrifying combination of speed and arm strength. Known as a speed demon on the field, Milroe’s blazing quickness makes him a constant threat to opposing defenses, capable of breaking away for big gains at any moment. However, it’s his jaw-dropping arm strength that truly sets him apart, as he effortlessly launches deep passes with incredible velocity and precision. Milroe’s ability to stretch the field and keep defenses on their toes makes him a dynamic force to be reckoned with in the virtual gridiron.

#5 Drew Allar

Drew Allar earns the esteemed number 5 ranking in our video game standings, showcasing his exceptional arm talent that sets him apart from the competition. With a cannon for an arm, Allar possesses the ability to launch deep passes with jaw-dropping velocity and accuracy, consistently delivering strikes downfield that leave defenders in awe. His remarkable arm strength allows him to make throws that few others can replicate, whether threading the needle in tight coverage or unleashing bombs to stretch the defense. With his immense arm talent, Allar stands ready to light up the scoreboard and lead his team to victory with his incredible throwing ability.

#4 Jaxson Dart

Jaxson Dart earns the impressive number 4 ranking in our video game hierarchy, boasting a well-rounded skill set that includes above-average arm strength, toughness, and athletic ability. With a strong arm capable of making all the necessary throws, Dart can sling passes with precision and power, keeping defenses honest and on their toes. His toughness is evident in his ability to stand tall in the pocket under pressure, delivering strikes downfield even in the face of adversity. Additionally, Dart’s athleticism adds another dimension to his game, allowing him to extend plays with his legs and make things happen when the pocket collapses.

#3 Quinn Ewers

Quinn Ewers secures the coveted number 3 spot in our video game rankings, poised to challenge the top quarterbacks for supremacy both on the virtual field and, potentially, in the NFL draft of 2025. With whispers of possessing the strongest arm among his peers, Ewers brings an arsenal of talent to the game. His above-average throwing accuracy ensures that passes hit their mark with surgical precision, while his heightened awareness of the game allows him to read defenses and make split-second decisions. Projected to rival the likes of Shedeur Sanders for the top spot in the NFL draft, Ewers is a force to be reckoned with in both the virtual and real-world gridiron.

#2 Shedeur Sanders

QB Shedeur Sanders, who is thought by many to be the top QB in the 2025 NFL Draft secures his place of number 2 in our video game rankings due to his exceptional passing and unparalleled toughness on the field. Known for his pinpoint precision and ability to thread the needle with his throws, Sanders poses a significant threat to opposing defenses. His remarkable accuracy allows for seamless execution of plays, elevating the performance of his team in critical moments. Furthermore, Sanders’ unwavering toughness in the face of adversity ensures he remains a resilient presence under pressure, consistently delivering clutch performances when it matters most. With his combination of accuracy and toughness, Sanders emerges as a standout quarterback in our rankings, ready to lead his team to victory.

#1 Dillon Gabriel

Dillon Gabriel claims the prestigious top spot in our video game rankings, standing out as the most aware quarterback with unparalleled playing experience. With a keen understanding of the game honed through countless snaps, Gabriel possesses a football IQ that is second to none. His quick release and solid accuracy allow him to dissect defenses with ease, delivering pinpoint passes to his receivers with precision and timing. Yet, it’s Gabriel’s unwavering confidence that truly sets him apart, as he approaches each snap with the belief that he can make any throw and lead his team to victory. As he takes the field, expect nothing short of brilliance from this top-ranked signal-caller, poised to dominate the game with his unparalleled skill set.

We extend our gratitude to you, our fellow college football enthusiasts, for joining us in anticipation of the upcoming release of Projecting Top QBs in the College Football 25 Video Game. With each passing day, excitement mounts, and the countdown to the game’s launch draws ever closer. We sincerely thank you for your enthusiasm and support, and we cannot wait to share this thrilling gaming experience with you.

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