Josh Pate: Why College Fantasy Football Isn't Mainstream like NFL

Most of our audience is not comprised of those who Josh Pate affectionately refers to as “the casuals” – the odd group of people that don’t plan weddings and childbirth around college football Saturdays. 

Our community is very much into recruiting, the coaching carousel, and depth charts. We know the players and love the sport. Saturdays in the fall are sacred, but it’s a year-round lifestyle for the community.

Josh Pate answered our question in the most recent episode of Late Kick! Watch this video to see his response. 

CFBDynasty on Late Kick w/ Josh Pate

Lake Kick with Josh Pate

Subjectively speaking as someone who watches a ridiculous amount of college football coverage, Late Kick with Josh Pate is the best college football content outside of the actual games. 

We’re fans of the show and will work our way to becoming a friend of the show :). Do yourself a favor and get smarter – subscribe to Late Kick!

What are the Reasons?

Here’s an overview of a collection of our input alongside Josh Pate, Jared Palmgren, and other commenters.

  • NFL is more player-driven. CFB players only last 3-4 years.
  • Lack of injury reports in college football.
  • Lack of competitive balance across the sport.
  • People aren’t aware of the customization (ie player pool can be narrowed by conf or teams desired).
  • Only available on 2 sites (Fantrax/Yahoo)
  • Haven’t tried it yet!
  • Lack of awareness that player rankings do exist (Us, others provide em).

What Will CFBDynasty Do About It?

Let’s get real for just a moment. CFBDynasty is a hobby, something I launched ~6-7 years ago and it is quite a bit of manual labor – which is fine because I love the college football. I also am a very data-driven and analytical person and run Searchalytics, a digital marketing agency that launched early 2019. My personal specialty is search engine optimization and digital advertising but I have access to a team of creative people. I also have access to web developers that I’ve worked with in a previous spot with an e-Commerce company.

So for CFBDynasty to grow, it will take time on a cashflow-positive method. Aside from continuing to provide college fantasy football rankings, cheat sheets, and in-season weekly rankings; here’s our plan for growth.

1. Predictive Algorithm Powering In-Season Rankings - Perfect for FanDual/DraftKings

Throughout 2021’s season, each week we were fine-tuning our predictive algorithm that will fully launch Week 4 of 2022

With our new database combining with statistics, weather, and Vegas metrics – we’ll be able to provide the ultimate tool for settings college fantasy lineups and optimize college DFS lineups!

2. Launch a College Fantasy Football Platform

This certainly won’t launch in 2022, but with the foundation of a database – we’ll be building something completely unique and we’ve got some exciting, fun ideas. We’ll certainly want all of your feedback along the way.

3. Add More to our Team & Enhance and Create More Content

Probably should be #1 honestly, but in terms of content creation – we’re open to more writers/contributors!

Ultimate Guide to League Setup!

Getting started with college fantasy football

Not enough people are playing college fantasy football! Starting a league for the first time introduces quite a few obstacles as compared to the standard NFL fantasy. We've laid out the things to consider so you can tackle them however you want. Our in-depth guide includes everything you need to decide on the player pool, league type, scoring system nuances, transaction policies, and a league constitution.

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