Ideas for College Football Parity – Rule Transparency, Playoff Size, & Promotion Relegation in CFB

Our second podcast in 2021 takes a look at how a lack of parity does impact college fantasy football but we’re mostly exploring broader topics of college football as detailed below. Near the end of the podcast, we explore alternative endings to the season if college football had a march madness, NFL playoffs, or promotion relegation system. 

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Podcast TopicS


  1. Lack of Injury report 
  2. Inconsistent eligibility rulings
  3. No standards on penalties or suspensions
  4. Pandemic showed silos for decision making


  1. Transfer portal going wild
    1. Filling rosters have changed
    2. Great players on good teams going to great teams now
    3. Some players won’t have a home
  2. Talent and Resource imbalance
    1. Amount of coaches on staff
    2. Budget for coaches?
  3. Haves and Have Nots – Yankees vs Rays style


  1. Defining who qualifies for the playoff – Best vs Most Deserving
  2. Too many bowl games
  3. Playoff size – What’s right?

What other sport would you model it after?

  • BMac: NFL
  • Matt: NCAA Basketball
  • Zach: English Soccer – Promotion / Relegation

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