2023 Jacksonville State University Depth Chart

The Jacksonville State University Gamecocks are gearing up for an exciting college football season in 2023.

With a talented roster of players, a dedicated coaching staff, and a history of success on the field, the Gamecocks are poised to make a strong run in their conference and beyond. Fans of Jacksonville State football have high expectations for the team this season, and with good reason. From standout players to thrilling matchups, there are plenty of reasons to be excited for what promises to be a thrilling season of Gamecock football.

In this depth page, we’ll take a closer look at what to expect from Jacksonville State University’s 2023 college football season.


(National Rank, Yards/G, TD)

National Passing: Row does not exist., Row does not exist., Row does not exist.

National Rushing: Row does not exist., Row does not exist., Row does not exist.

(% Returning, National Rank)

Returning Offensive Production: 62% (81)

Returning Defensive Production: 64% (62)

(Overall, Offense, Defense)

SP+ Power Rating: -20.4 (126), 19.6 (101), 40.0 (128)


1. Logan Smothers

2. Tyler Huff

3. Te’Sean Smoot

Running Back

1. Ron Wiggins

2. Anwar Lewis

3. Andrew Paul

Wide Receiver

1. PJ Wells

2. Brannon Spector

3. Samario Rudolph

4. Tar’Varish Dawson

5. Demarcus Lacy

6. Jarod Bowie

Tight End

1. Sean Brown

2. Jacob Barrick


1. Julio Macias

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