2023 Central Michigan University Depth Chart

Central Michigan University’s football program is gearing up for an exciting 2023 season, and fans are eagerly anticipating what’s in store for the team.

As with every college football team, the depth chart will play a critical role in determining the success of the Chippewas this year. With a roster filled with talented players on both sides of the ball, the depth chart for CMU’s 2023 season is sure to be closely watched by fans and analysts alike.

In this depth chart page, we’ll take a closer look at the players vying for starting positions and the backups ready to step in at a moment’s notice, providing insights and analysis for CMU’s 2023 campaign.

(National Rank, Yards/G, TD)

National Passing: 96, 208.10, 16

National Rushing: 58, 160.42, 22

(% Returning, National Rank)

Returning Offensive Production: 51% (110)

Returning Defensive Production: 80% (8)

(Overall, Offense, Defense)

SP+ Power Rating: -14.7 (105), 17.0 (114), 31.7 (90)


1. Joey Labas

2. Bert Emanuel Jr.

3. Tyler Jefferson

Running Back

1. Marion Lukes

2. Myles Bailey

3. BJ Harris

Wide Receiver

1. Solomon Davis

2. Chris Parker

3. Tyson Davis

4. Langston Lewis

5. Evan Boyd

6. Jesse Prewitt

Tight End

1. Decorion Temple

2. Gavis Harris


1. Tristan Mattson

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