2023 Week 12 NCAA DFS Picks for DraftKings & Fanduel

As we kick off Week 12 in the college football playbook, we’re diving into the action with a Thanksgiving twist. CFBDynasty is your playbook partner, ready to dissect the gridiron tales that unfold this week. We’re geared up to blitz through DFS sleepers, those sneaky players who might just be the game-changers for your lineup, helping you score big just in time for the holiday hustle. We’ve scouted out the high-octane matchups that promise end zone fireworks and gridiron glory. Whether you’re calling the shots strategically or fine-tuning your lineup position by position, we’ve got the Xs and Os covered. Join us as we break down the MVPs-in-the-making and the head-to-head clashes of Week 12, where the college football saga continues.




Discover some budget-friendly sleeper picks for your DraftKings fantasy lineup this week. First up, Ethan Garbers an excellent choice at only $6,400. He emerges as a compelling choice worth monitoring in a matchup against USC, a team that has a knack for elevating the performance of opposing quarterbacks and turning them into stars. Next, we have Garrett Shrader with a manageable price tag of $7,300, and he could deliver solid value against Georgia Tech. Lastly, don’t overlook Cade Klubnik from Clemson priced at a a serviceable $7,300, who has the potential to greatly outperform his price tag against a navigable North Carolina defense. These sleeper picks could provide the edge you need for a successful week in your DraftKings fantasy football lineup.

Running Backs

Some hidden gems at Running Back for your DraftKings fantasy lineup this week with these wallet-friendly sleeper picks. First on the list is Carson Steele for UCLA priced at just $6,400. He’s shown the potential to make quite the impact on the ground. Next, consider Gavin Sawchuk for Oklahoma valued at only $5,500, who appears to have taken over as the feature back. Finally, keep an eye on Cody Schrader from Mizzu with a great price at $6,500, who has been on a tear making defenses look silly. These budget-friendly sleeper picks may offer the value you need for a winning week in your DraftKings fantasy football lineup.


Lastly, some promising sleeper Receiver picks for your DraftKings fantasy team this week. To start, Joseph Manjack IV from Washington State available at the low cost of $5,600, presents an intriguing choice with his big-play potential. Next up, we have Logan Loya from UCLA at a budget-friendly $4,500, offering the chance to outperform his price tag. Lastly, we have Elijah Surratt from JMU priced at a mere $5,500, who good greatly outperform this price tag as he is a target freak. These sleeper picks may give your DraftKings fantasy lineup the edge it needs for a successful week.

High-Probability Position Groups

When analyzing college football matchups, it’s essential to identify position groups that have a high probability of success when facing an outmatched opponent. For instance, teams with dominant offensive lines going up against weaker defensive fronts often provide their running backs with the perfect opportunity to shine. Additionally, wide receiver groups facing vulnerable secondaries can exploit mismatches and put up big numbers. Quarterbacks facing defenses with a history of struggling against the pass also present promising opportunities for DFS success.

Recognizing these favorable position group matchups can be the key to assembling a winning DFS lineup and maximizing your chances of coming out on top this week.

Shootouts of the Week

By examining the implied scores derived from the point spread and over/under metrics, we can pinpoint games with the potential for offensive fireworks. When the over/under line is set high, it signifies an expectation of a high-scoring affair, making players from those contests particularly enticing for DFS lineups.

Additionally, games with narrow point spreads suggest closely contested battles where both teams will likely keep their foot on the gas pedal, creating opportunities for multiple players to accumulate fantasy points. Identifying these projected shootouts allows DFS enthusiasts to target players from these games and take full advantage of the potential for explosive point production this week.

Stack of the Week

Ethan Garbers $6400 +  Logan Loya $4500

In the world of college football DFS, finding the perfect stack can be the golden ticket to success and we’ve got our eyes on a standout combination. This week’s CFB DFS Stack of the Week features a quarterback-wide receiver duo that promises to deliver explosive results.

With their potent connection on the field and a favorable matchup, this duo could be the cornerstone of a winning DFS lineup. Stacking not only amplifies the potential for big points but also adds an element of synergy to your roster. 

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