2023 Week 1 NCAA DFS Picks for DraftKings & Fanduel

It’s that time of the year again, the sweet symphony of shoulder pads colliding, helmets clashing, and touchdowns raining down like confetti at a victory parade! I’m talkin’ about none other than CFBDynasty’s electrifying Week 1 DFS picks for college football – where the stars align, and the points pile up faster than a freshman rushing to the dining hall on taco Tuesday!

So grab your lucky jersey, prepare your victory dance, and let’s dive headfirst into the heart-pounding, pulse-racing, adrenaline-pumping world of college football DFS madness!



Folks, hold onto your nachos because we’re about to unearth some hidden gems that are primed to light up the DFS scoreboard at the quarterback position! It’s like finding that extra cheese fry at the bottom of the basket – oh baby, it’s a delightful surprise! First up, we’ve got Chandler Morris at a wallet-friendly $6900 – this young gun is ready to sling that pigskin with the precision of a sharpshooter at a county fair! And how about Michael Pratt at $8000? He’s not just tossing touchdowns; he’s launching them into the stratosphere, igniting a blaze of fantasy glory that’ll leave you chanting his name like a loyal fan in the front row! But wait, there’s more – Donovan Smith at $7400 is the dark horse you’ve been waiting for, ready to gallop past defenses like a phantom in the night! And don’t you dare sleep on Frank Harris at $7100 – this QB is about to orchestrate a symphony of yardage, hitting those high notes that’ll have your DFS team singing all the way to the top of the leaderboard!

Buckle up, my friends, because these sleepers are about to wake up the fantasy world with a thunderous roar!

Running Backs

Jonathan Brooks at a jaw-dropping $5300 is a steal of a deal – he’s gonna zig and zag through defenses like a lightning bolt on a stormy night! And speaking of thunder, Dillion Johnson at $5200 is rumbling onto the scene with the force of a charging rhino, ready to bulldoze his way to fantasy glory! But wait, there’s more – Trey Sanders at an unbelievable $3900 is about to show us all that lightning strikes twice in the world of DFS, while Ashton Jeanty at $4200 is bringing a hurricane of points to wash away the competition. And don’t sleep on Kevorian Barnes and La’Damian Webb, both priced at $5600 – these running backs are like a dynamic duo, a one-two punch that’ll leave defenses gasping for air and DFS players cheering for more! Shaadie Clayton-Johnson at $5100 is the cherry on top of this fantasy sundae, ready to dance through the field like a maestro conducting a symphony of success!


Squirrel White at just $5500 is gonna scurry through defenses like, well, a squirrel on a mission – collecting yards and touchdowns like acorns on a fall day! And hold onto your hats, because Xavier Worthy at $6600 is more than worthy of your attention – he’s gonna snatch those passes out of the air like a hungry eagle swooping in for a feast of fantasy points! But that’s not all – Barion Brown at $5500 is about to shine brighter than a shooting star, leaving defenders dazzled and DFS competitors green with envy! Stefan Cobbs at $5400 is ready to light up the field like a fireworks display, while Jerand Bradley at $6300 is the maestro of the end zone, orchestrating a symphony of touchdowns that’ll have you singing his praises! Joshua Cephus at $5700 is the definition of “reliable hands,” ready to catch everything thrown his way, and Matthew Golden at $5600 is like a pot of gold at the end of the fantasy rainbow, ready to make your DFS dreams come true! Strap in, because these wide receivers are about to turn your Sunday into a touchdown-filled fiesta!

High-Probability Position Groups

Buckle up, folks, because we’re diving into a gold mine of fantasy potential, where teams are set to shine thanks to some seriously lopsided matchups. This week alone, we’ve got a whopping 60+ teams dancing in the spotlight of mismatch heaven – talk about a smorgasbord of fantasy goodness ripe for the picking! And guess what? The treasure hunt doesn’t stop here; as the season unfolds, consider this your secret weapon for uncovering those hidden gems that could propel your roster to victory. So, whether you’re seeking that breakout star or adding a dash of magic to your lineup, this tool is your golden ticket to fantasy success. Ready to turn those mismatches into match-winning moves? Let’s ride this wave to fantasy glory, my friends!

Shootouts of the Week

We’re diving into the numbers, dissecting the stats, and uncovering the hidden gems that scream “high-scoring showdown” louder than a marching band at halftime. With an eagle eye on matchups that promise fireworks and points galore, we’ve cracked the code to pinpointing those electrifying shootouts that’ll leave you on the edge of your seat, cheering for every touchdown like it’s the game-winner in the championship! So get ready to harness the power of data and turn it into your ultimate advantage in the wild world of college football DFS.

Stack of the Week

Frank Harris ($7100) + Joshua Cephus ($5700)

Gather ’round, fantasy fanatics, because we’re about to unveil the ultimate secret weapon that’ll skyrocket your DFS lineup to the stratosphere! It’s time to talk stacks, and we’ve got a dynamite combo that’s hotter than a touchdown celebration in the end zone. This week’s stack of the week is a match made in fantasy heaven – we’re talking about a quarterback and receiver duo that’s locked and loaded, ready to unleash a barrage of points that’ll leave your opponents shaking in their cleats. With chemistry so electric it could power a stadium, this stack is the recipe for a fantasy feast that’ll have you climbing the leaderboards faster than a running back chasing daylight! So don’t just follow the herd – grab this stack and watch your points multiply like rabbits on game day. It’s time to turn the field into your personal playground, folks. Are you ready to stack up those fantasy points? Touchdown, indeed!

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