2023 UTEP Miners Football Season Preview

Gear up for an exclusive interview with Bret Bloomquist, esteemed college football analyst, as he imparts his expert analysis on the anticipated 2023 UTEP Miners football season. In this exclusive dialogue with CFBDynasty, Bloomquist will delve into the team’s strengths, potential obstacles, standout athletes, and the overall perspective for the forthcoming season. This interview guarantees to offer an extensive preview of what loyal fans can anticipate from the UTEP Miners in 2023.

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Let’s get into our Q&A session with Bret Bloomquist! He covers UTEP football the El Paso Times. Follow him on Twitter for all the latest and greatest Gators information.

What's your favorite place to eat in El Paso?

L&J’s is the easy answer, a Mexican food joint by a graveyard. In the immediate UTEP area, Lucy’s is good.

Overall, how do you believe the offense will compare to the 2022 version?

Assuming Tyrin Smith returns (it looks like he’s going to “undo” his transfer to Texas A&M), they should return much of their production from last year. Receiver depth is a question mark, but they should be able to take a step forward from last season when the offense was mediocre.

What do you expect from the QB position in 2023?

Hardison is a veteran, and while he didn’t have the greatest of seasons last year, UTEP has faith in him. He’s going to need to find a few more receivers, spreading the ball around hasn’t been his strong point, but he’s been around a while and this is his team.

How do you see the workload at RB being distributed?

UTEP spreads it around, but Deion Hankins should be a clear No. 1 with transfer Mike Franklin getting much of the rest of the carries. Torrance Burgess would be the third back. Probably something like a 50-40-10 distribution between those three.

How does the offensive line compare to the 2022 group?

It’s pretty similar. They’ll list four returning starters but all five have started extensively. This is the backbone of the offense.

What do you think the distribution will be to the WR/TE's?

Tyrin Smith and Kelly Akhariyi should be the clear 1-2, assuming Smith returns. Typically about 70 percent of Hardison’s passes are caught by the top two guys, and while reducing that may be a small priority, the Miners feel good with 1-2 and have a big cast of players who could catch the rest..

For our dynasty fantasy freaks, who are some young players that stand out as potential future breakout players?

Receiver Jeremiah Ballard is overdue for a breakout. Marcus Bellon isn’t exactly young but he hasn’t done much at receiver. He had a good spring, and he also is established as the punt returner, which could make him a dual threat.

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