2023 Mississippi State Bulldogs Football Season Preview

Get set for a perceptive interview with Stefan Krajisnik, esteemed college football analyst, as he imparts his expert analysis on the eagerly awaited 2023 Mississippi State Bulldogs football season. In this exclusive dialogue with CFBDynasty, Krajisnik will delve into the team’s strengths, potential obstacles, standout athletes, and the overall perspective for the forthcoming season. This interview guarantees to offer a comprehensive preview of what fans can anticipate from the Mississippi State Bulldogs in 2023.

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Let’s get into our Q&A session with Stefan Krajisnik! He covers Mississippi State football for the Clarion Ledger. Follow him on Twitter for all the latest and greatest Bulldogs information.

What's your favorite place to eat in starkville?

This may be the toughest question of all. If you’re looking for a nicer meal, you can never go wrong with Harveys. If you’re looking for something a bit more casual, but consistent, Restaurant Tyler is fantastic. The Philly spring rolls at Bulldog Burger are also can’t miss.

Overall, how do you believe the offense will compare to the 2022 version?

It’s pretty obvious Mississippi State’s offense will look much different compared to the Air Raid. You’ll see some Air Raid concepts in use, but overall it’ll be a much more balanced attacked. MSU will use tight ends, utilize pre-snap movement and run the ball more. I think with the athletes MSU has at receiver, it could make for an exciting offense once offensive coordinator Kevin Barbay and his staff get it fully installed..

What do you expect from the QB position in 2023?

Will Rogers is often labeled as a system quarterback because of what he did in the Air Raid, but I think the new offense can benefit him a lot. MSU won’t rely on him as much on every play. Instead, he’ll be put in position where his playmakers can get the ball in their hands. There won’t be nearly as much pressure on Rogers. If he’s having an off day, MSU can still find ways to win in Barbay’s system.

How do you see the workload at RB being distributed?

In previous years, MSU has divided the workload between Dillon Johnson and Jo’quavious Marks fairly equally. With Johnson transferring, Marks will likely have a bigger workload, but redshirt sophomore Simeon Price will make the case for more snaps. He was a bright spot for MSU late in the 2022 season.

How does the offensive line compare to the 2022 group?

MSU returns most of its production on the offensive line besides center LaQuinston Sharp who exhausted his eligibility. This year’s unit also has depth as young guys from last season will likely push for more playing time. There will be a lot more run blocking from this unit, but they should create a productive unit.

What do you think the distribution will be to the WR/TE's?

Lideatrick Griffin will be the star at wide receiver. He’s one of those playmakers Rogers will look to consistently get the ball to as Griffin moves into the slot. Around him will be some familiar names such as Jaden Walley, Rufus Harvey and Justin Robinson. Sophomore Zavion Thomas should make a jump as well. At tight end, MSU is revamping its group. The spring saw offensive linemen and even some defenders move to tight end as MSU didn’t have any on its roster. Georgia transfer Ryland Goede and TCU transfer Geor’Quarius Spivey will step in moving forward.

For our dynasty fantasy freaks, who are some young players that stand out as potential future breakout players?

Thomas is the guy to keep an eye on. He had success as a punt returner his freshman season, but he’ll have a much bigger role in Barbay’s offense moving forward. Price is another young player to keep an eye on. Freshman Creed Whittemore could also see some playing time this season, and he’ll be a big piece in the future.

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