1st 2024 CFF Mock Draft!

Welcome to our very first mock draft for the 2024 college fantasy football season! Crafted by CFF Jared, and featuring Doug and myself, BMac, from CFBDynasty, this draft is your first glimpse into the strategic battleground that the upcoming season promises to be. Conducted in the waning days of February, this mock draft had a unique twist: at this early juncture, only running backs were ranked, setting the stage for some unexpected drafting strategies.

I zagged where others zigged, scooping up top-tier wide receivers (WRs) right out of the gate. This was predicated on the confidence that the depth in RB talent could accommodate later picks without sacrificing quality—a gamble that epitomizes the high-stakes chess game of college fantasy football drafting (actually it was simply bc we only had RB’s ranking :)).

The importance of drafting players at their right value cannot be overstated, and these mock drafts are indispensable tools for getting a pulse on Average Draft Position (ADP).

Dive into our mock draft, and join us in the thrilling build-up to the 2024 season. What strategies will pay off? Which picks will surprise us all? Your insights are invaluable—let us know what jumps out at you and what you might do differently. This is more than just a draft; it’s the beginning of a journey towards fantasy football glory. 

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