2024 Texas A&M Aggies Depth Chart

The 2024 Texas A&M Aggies are poised for a season of renewal and resurgence, especially on the offensive side, under the fresh leadership of Coach Elko, who joins from Duke. This new chapter comes at a crucial time as the Aggies aim to bounce back from the significant roster changes that followed their historic 2022 recruiting class, including the notable departure of star wide receiver Evan Stewart to Oregon.

Despite these transitions, the Aggies’ offense boasts several bright spots. They return a trio of solid running backs, each bringing a unique set of skills to the backfield. This depth in the running game is further bolstered by the addition of EJ Smith, who joins the team through the transfer portal and is expected to make an immediate impact.

Quarterback Connor Weigman is another key figure in the Aggies’ offensive strategy. His strong arm and sharp decision-making skills make him an invaluable asset. Weigman’s leadership and talent are crucial for driving the team’s offense and maintaining a competitive edge.

Complementing Weigman in the receiving corps is wide receiver Moose Muhammad. Muhammad’s great route-running ability, hands, and athleticism make him a formidable threat on the field. His connection with Weigman will be vital in creating dynamic plays and keeping defenses on their toes.

Under Coach Elko’s guidance, the 2024 Texas A&M Aggies are looking to capitalize on these strengths, combining experienced talent with fresh strategies. The goal is clear: to forge a powerful, cohesive offense that can overcome the challenges of transition and mark a successful new era for Aggies football.


1. Quinn Ewers

2. Arch Manning

3. Trey Owens

Running Back

1. Cedric Baxter

2. Jaydon Blue

3. Jerrick Gibson

Wide Receiver

1. Isaiah Bond

2. Johntay Cook II

3. Silas Bolden

4. Matthew Golden

5. Ryan Wingo

6. Ryan Niblett

Tight End

1. Amari Niblack

2. Gunnar Helm


1. Bert Auburn

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