2024 Oklahoma State University Depth Chart

The 2024 Oklahoma State Cowboys are set to showcase one of the premier talents in college football with star running back Ollie Gordon leading their backfield. Gordon’s exceptional blend of speed, power, and vision on the field has not only established him as one of the top running backs in the nation but also as a coveted top 5 pick in college fantasy football drafts. His ability to consistently break off big runs and find the end zone makes him a central figure in the Cowboys’ offense and a reliable source of fantasy points. With Gordon as the focal point, Oklahoma State’s offensive game plan is expected to lean heavily on their ground attack, providing him ample opportunities to showcase his talent and contribute significantly to fantasy rosters. For fantasy football enthusiasts, Gordon’s performance will be closely watched, as his impact plays and scoring potential are expected to be pivotal for the Cowboys and fantasy lineups alike in the 2024 season.


1. Jackson Arnold

2. Casey Thompson

3. Michael Hawkins

Running Back

1. Gavin Sawchuk

2. Jovantae Barnes

3. Taylor Tatum

Wide Receiver

1. Deion Burks

2. Nic Anderson

3. Jalil Farooq

4. Andrel Anthony

5. Jayden Gibson

6. Jaquaize Pettaway

Tight End

1. Bauer Sharp

2. Jake Roberts


1. Tyler Keltner

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