2023 University of Notre Dame Depth Chart

As the 2023 college football season approaches, fans of the University of Notre Dame are eagerly anticipating what promises to be an exciting year for the Fighting Irish.

With a talented roster, an experienced coaching staff, and a storied football tradition, Notre Dame is poised to compete at the highest level and vie for a spot in the College Football Playoff.

As the team prepares for the upcoming campaign, let’s take a closer look at their depth chart and analyze the key players and positions that will be critical to their success in the coming year.

(National Rank, Yards/G, TD)

National Passing: 98, 207.10, 25

National Rushing: 35, 189.08, 25

(% Returning, National Rank)

Returning Offensive Production: 65% (67)

Returning Defensive Production: 72% (35)

(Overall, Offense, Defense)

SP+ Power Rating: 18.9 (15), 36.6 (25), 17.7 (15)


1. Mike Wright

2. Ryan Hilinski

3. Jack Lausch

Running Back

1. Cam Porter

2. Joe Himon

3. Caleb Komolafe

Wide Receiver

1. Bryce Kirtz

2. AJ Henning

3. Calvin Johnson II

4. Frank Covey

5. Carson Grove

6. Ricky Ahumaraeze

Tight End

1. Thomas Gordon

2. Marshall Lang


1. Jack Olsen

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