2023 Northern Illinois University Depth Chart

The Northern Illinois University football team is gearing up for the 2023 college football season, hoping to build upon their successes from previous years.

With new talent joining the team and returning players looking to improve upon their performances, the Huskies are eager to make their mark in the Mid-American Conference (MAC). As the season approaches, fans are eager to see how the depth chart will shape up, with key positions up for grabs and plenty of competition on the roster.

In this depth chart analysis, we’ll take a closer look at the Huskies’ key players and their potential roles in the upcoming season.

(National Rank, Yards/G, TD)

National Passing: 115, 182.70, 18

National Rushing: 34, 190.42, 19

(% Returning, National Rank)

Returning Offensive Production: 75% (33)

Returning Defensive Production: 79% (12)

(Overall, Offense, Defense)

SP+ Power Rating: -17.0 (112), 20.8 (93), 37.8 (123)


1. Chandler Morris

2. Stone Earl

3. Cash McCollum

Running Back

1. Ikaika Ragsdale

2. Juwaun Price

3. Zach Evans

Wide Receiver

1. Damon Ward

2. Jeremiah Aaron

3. DT Sheffield

4. Blair Conwright

5. Mason Ferguson

6. Landon Sides

Tight End

1. Oscar Hammond

2. Brandon Young


1. Blake Ford

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