2024 North Carolina Tar Heels Football Depth Chart

The UNC Tar Heels are gearing up for the 2024 season with notable additions to their offense, including transfer Max Johnson at quarterback. Coming from Texas A&M and previously LSU, Johnson brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record at the highest levels of college football. His adeptness in the pocket and ability to lead an offense will be invaluable for the Tar Heels as they look to make a mark in their conference.

Complementing Johnson’s arrival is the return of Omarion Hampton, the top fantasy running back from the previous season. Hampton’s explosive playmaking ability and knack for finding the end zone have already established him as a premier back in college football. With Johnson’s passing threat adding balance to the offense, Hampton could find even more opportunities to showcase his talents.

The combination of Johnson’s experienced leadership at quarterback and Hampton’s dynamic abilities in the backfield positions UNC as a team with a potentially high-powered offense for the 2024 season. This duo makes the Tar Heels an intriguing team for fantasy football players and college football fans alike, offering a blend of reliability and explosive potential.


1. Parker Awad

2. Deuce Hogan

3. Jeff Davison

Running Back

1. Monte Watkins

2. Larenzo McMillan

3. Mike Washington

Wide Receiver

1. Kordell David

2. Jahrique Lowe

3. Jordan Smith

4. Latrell Neville

5. PJ Johnson

6. Donovan Faupel

Tight End

1. Hunter Talley

2. Ethan Wood


1. Connor Brooksby

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