2024 Kentucky Wildcats Depth Chart

The 2024 Kentucky Wildcats are entering the season with a refreshed and invigorated offensive lineup, aiming to leave a significant mark in the collegiate football landscape. Central to this rejuvenation is the introduction of new talent at the quarterback and running back positions, brought in through strategic transfers designed to elevate the team’s competitive edge. This infusion of new blood is expected to revitalize Kentucky’s passing attack, opening up the field and creating dynamic play opportunities.

At the heart of their offensive strategy is the better utilization of the exceptionally talented Barion Brown, whose agility and playmaking abilities are key assets for the Wildcats. With the team focusing on enhancing their aerial assault, the expectation is for a more explosive and versatile offense that can keep opponents guessing. The combination of new leadership at the quarterback position, a robust running game, and the strategic utilization of their skill players like Brown, positions the 2024 Kentucky Wildcats as a team poised for progress and eager to ascend the ranks this season.


1. Tommy Ulatowski

2. JD Sherrod

3. Devin Kargman

Running Back

1. Gavin Garcia

2. Ky Thomas

3. Curtis Douglas

Wide Receiver

1. Chrishon McCray

2. Luke Floriea

3. Jay Jay Ethridge

4. Sebastian Brown

5. Ardell Banks

6. Wayne Harris

Tight End

1. Conner Muldowney

2. Charlie Skehan


1. Andrew Glass

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