2024 University of Colorado Depth Chart

The 2024 Colorado Buffaloes, invigorated by head coach Deion Sanders, are poised to become a potent force in the Big 12. At the quarterback position, Shedeur Sanders, Deion’s son, stands out as a potential top fantasy quarterback. His strong arm, keen football intelligence, and the leadership qualities he inherits from his father make him a central figure in the Buffaloes’ offensive revival.

Shedeur is set to benefit from an impressive new receiving corps, featuring Will Sheppard from Vanderbilt and LaJohntay Wester from FAU. Sheppard brings a proven ability to make big plays and secure crucial catches, while Wester’s speed and route-running prowess add another dimension to the Buffaloes’ aerial attack. This combination of talent at the wide receiver position should provide Shedeur with multiple reliable targets, boosting Colorado’s passing game significantly.

Furthermore, improvements in the offensive line are expected to solidify the Buffaloes’ offensive structure, providing better protection for Shedeur and enhancing the team’s overall efficiency. With these enhancements, Colorado’s offense could very well be one of the more dynamic and high-scoring units in the Big 12.

Heading into the 2024 season, the Buffaloes, under the charismatic leadership of Deion Sanders and the on-field guidance of Shedeur Sanders, are a team to watch closely. For fantasy football players, Colorado’s revamped offense, bolstered by skilled receivers and a stronger offensive line, presents a treasure trove of potential high-scoring opportunities.


1. Shedeur Sanders

2. Ryan Staub

3. Destin Wade

Running Back

1. Dallan Hayden

2. Micah Welch

3. Isaiah Augustave

Wide Receiver

1. LaJohntay Wester

2. Will Sheppard

3. Travis Hunter

4. Jimmy Horn

5. Omarion Miller

6. Drelon Miller

Tight End

1. Sav’ell Smalls

2. Louis Passarello


1. Alejandro Mata

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