2024 Auburn Tigers Depth Chart

The 2024 Auburn Tigers are embarking on a new chapter with a significant roster overhaul under the guidance of Coach Freeze, who is determined to architect a vastly improved and high-octane offense. Central to this transformative vision is the introduction of a pair of quick-impact 5-star wide receivers, poised to rejuvenate Auburn’s aerial attack with their speed, route running, and exceptional hands. These highly touted recruits are expected to make an immediate difference, providing the Tigers with the explosive playmaking ability they seek.

This season is all about redefining the Tigers’ offensive identity, with Coach Freeze at the helm aiming to instill a dynamic and formidable playing style. The focus is clear: to create an offense that is not only versatile and robust but also one that strikes with precision and speed. With the entire team rallying behind this vision, the 2024 Auburn Tigers are gearing up for a season where they aim to light up the scoreboard and leave a lasting impression with their rejuvenated offense.


1. Payton Thorne

2. Walker White

3. Holden Geriner

Running Back

1. Jarquez Hunter

2. Damari Alston

3. Brian Battie

Wide Receiver

1. KeAndre Lambert-Smith

2. Robert Lewis

3. Cam Coleman

4. Perry Thompson

5. Sam Jackson V

6. Camden Brown

Tight End

1. Rivaldo Fairweather

2. Luke Deal


1. Alex McPherson

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