2024 Arkansas Razorbacks Depth Chart

The 2024 Arkansas Razorbacks face a pivotal year as they look to rebuild and redefine their offense, particularly at the key skill positions. With the departure of their long-standing stars, quarterback KJ Jefferson and running back Rocket Sanders, the Razorbacks are on a quest to fill these critical roles with players who can carry forward the team’s legacy of strong and dynamic offense. This transition marks a new era for Arkansas, one that demands quick adaptation and seamless integration of new talent.

The Razorbacks are turning their focus to recruiting and developing players who can step into these large shoes, aiming to maintain the offensive prowess that has become a hallmark of their team. The search for a new quarterback and running back is not just about finding adequate replacements but about ushering in a wave of fresh, impactful talent that can lead Arkansas with vigor and skill. As the 2024 season approaches, all eyes will be on these new players, watching eagerly to see how they will shape the future of Arkansas football and carry the torch of their celebrated predecessors.


1. Taylen Green

2. Malachi Singleton

3. Austin Ledbetter

Running Back

1. Ja’Quinden Jackson

2. Rashod Dubinion

3. Braylen Russell

Wide Receiver

1. Isaiah Sategna

2. Andrew Armstrong

3. Tyrone Broden

4. Jaedon Wilson

5. Jordan Anthony

6. Bryce Stephens

Tight End

1. Luke Hasz

2. Var’Keyes Gumms


1. Matthew Shipley

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