Week 7 College Fantasy Football Player Rankings

Well we just lost the LSU at Florida game and Nick Saban was just announced positive for Covid-19. Ahh! Continue to monitor the news as game time approaches for other postponements and players that may test positive. Good luck this week!

Here’s a look at our Week 7 college fantasy rankings. For the full list, please log in or sign up!


RankPositionPlayerTeamYearFPtsFP/GW4W5W6OpponentSpreadO/UProj Team PointsProj Opp Points
1QBShane BuecheleSMUSr114.128.5314.2538.40@Tul Fri 6:00PM-6.564.535.529
2QBZach WilsonBYUJr103.5534.5238.746.55@Hou Fri 9:30PM-563.034.029
3QBDillon GabrielUCFSo93.6531.2236.521.30@Mem Sat 3:30PM-3.573.538.535
4QBTrevor LawrenceClemJr89.829.93032.05@GATec Sat 12:00PM-27.564.546.018.5
5QBMatt CorralMissSo73.8536.9236.7537.10@Ark Sat 3:30PMnana#VALUE!#VALUE!


RankPositionPlayerTeamYearFPtsFP/GW4W5W6OpponentSpreadO/UProj Team PointsProj Opp Points
1RBTravis EtienneClemSr68.522.83035.70@GATec Sat 12:00PM-27.564.546.018.5
2RBJ.D. KingGaSoSr56.318.771625.60UMass Sat 4:00PM-31.563.047.315.75
3RBKhalil HerbertVaTecSr55.827.92332.80BC Sat 8:00PM-1262.037.025
4RBKyren WilliamsNDSo43.721.8500.00Lou Sat 2:30PM-1764.540.823.75
5RBUlysses Bentley IVSMUFr92.423.122.48.10@Tul Fri 6:00PM-6.564.535.529


1WRJonathan Adams Jr.ArkStSr64.121.37015.80GASt Thu 7:30PM-3.573.038.334.75
2WRMarlon WilliamsUCFSr82.827.626.618.80@Mem Sat 3:30PM-3.573.538.535
3WRJaelon DardenNorTxSr83.127.7029.40@MidTN Sat 5:00PM772.032.539.5
4WRGunner RomneyBYUJr65.421.818.823.20@Hou Fri 9:30PM-563.034.029
5WRTylan WallaceOkStSr63.521.1713.835.80@Bayl Sat 7:30PMnana#VALUE!#VALUE!
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