Week 2 Waiver Wire Gems 2020 CFF

Jaylan Knighton

As we finally prep for our first in-season rankings with more conferences joining the competition (and more to come!), here’s our 2nd edition of Waiver Wire Gems. 

At QB, some of the breakout players that have been surprising so far are freshman! Grayson McCall, Grant Wells, and Jeff Sims all look legit. McCall was heavily picked up across the college fantasy world last week with a roster increase week over week of 37%. 

We saw Spencer Sanders go down with injury and while we don’t know how long he’ll be out, we think the replacement will be Shane Illingworth – yet another freshman. He was QB3 going into week 1 but may claim starting duties until Sanders returns healthy. 

Three of the stand outs at running back are Ulysses Bentley IV, Jahmyr Gibbs, and Jaylan Knighton. While Knighton and Gibbs project to be future starters (likely not in 2020), Bentley IV is taking over in the high-powered SMU offense. 

For wide receivers, let us make it simple – PICK UP DANNY GRAY WHILE YOU STILL CAN! The transfer will continue to grow his role in the offense and he’s one of the fastest, most dynamic players on the team. 

PositionPlayerTeamYearFPtsFP/GBye% Owned% Change
QBTyler VittTxStJr88.644.35,1425%14.80%
QBGrayson McCallCoCarFr83.741.851,4,639%36.80%
QBFrank HarrisUTSAJr81.340.651,1423%20.90%
QBGrant WellsMarshFr64.532.252,4,5,10,13,1439%7.50%
QBTyrrell PigromeW KySr56281,4,8,1416%2.60%
QBJeff SimsGATecFr43.621.81,5,1045%9.30%
QBMalik WillisLibJr41.441.41,2,9,1313%0.10%
QBShane IllingworthOkStFr3.63.61,2,6,1127%-0.60%
QBJarret DoegeWVUJr33.433.41,3,6,1215%2.60%
RBUlysses Bentley IVSMUFr69.934.952,6,1420%8.40%
RBOscar Adaway IIINorTxFr41.220.62,8,1428%12.70%
RBGerrid DoaksCinSr37.437.41,2,6,1425%3.50%
RBCameron CarrollTulSo35.817.91,5,144%1.10%
RBKenneth Walker IIIWakeSo35.217.61,5,1046%-1.50%
RBLopini KatoaBYUJr34.734.72,3,10,11,13,1425%-1.80%
RBLeddie BrownWVUJr34.334.31,3,6,1232%17.20%
RBJaylan KnightonMiaFLFr33.816.91,5,936%-1%
RBCalvin HillTxStFr33.711.235,1425%12.20%
RBJakobi BuchananArmySo31.915.953,9,10,13,144%4.50%
RBRicky Person Jr.NCStJr29.929.91,2,916%-0.80%
RBJahmyr GibbsGATecFr29.629.61,5,1049%-2.30%
RBCarlos DavisSoAlFr29.314.653,6,1415%7.30%
RBTyler AllgeierBYUSo29.229.22,3,10,11,13,1415%1.30%
RBChris SmithULLafSo28.514.251,5,146%0.40%
RBTyjae SpearsTulFr26.413.21,5,1415%3.30%
RBSeth McGowanOklaFr25.325.31,3,7,1145%6.50%
RBC’Bo FlemisterNDJr22.122.11,5,123%-0.10%
RBDaetrich HarringtonAppJr22111,5,1417%11.20%
RBCamerun PeoplesAppSo20.410.21,5,148%3.60%
RBRodrigues ClarkMemSo17.517.52,3,4,6,1435%-0.30%
RBDeneric PrinceTulsFr9.89.81,2,6,141%0%
RBChris TyreeNDFr14.57.251,5,1237%-1.10%
RBDeuce VaughnK StFr13.613.61,3,7,118%5.60%
WRJeremiah HaydelTxStSr69235,1418%10.50%
WRJoshua CephusUTSASo34.317.151,143%1.20%
WRJaivon HeilighCoCarJr33.116.551,4,610%7.50%
WRMarlon WilliamsUCFSr32.432.41,2,6,10,1431%1.90%
WRZay FlowersBCSo30.730.71,2,1219%-0.90%
WRPeter LeBlancULLafSo30.515.251,5,1416%12.60%
WRTaj HarrisSyrJr29.614.81,5,1129%-2%
WRJah’Marae ShereadTxStSo29.39.775,1415%13.30%
WRJoshua MooreTexSo28.728.71,3,7,1127%20.10%
WRJustin GarrettUTEPSr28.79.575,1427%10.10%
WRJaquarii RobersonWakeJr28.214.11,5,105%-0.20%
WRMitchell TinsleyW KyJr28.214.11,4,8,141%0.60%
WRJordan AddisonPittFr28.114.051,9,1439%-1.20%
WRDanny GraySMUJr27.913.952,6,1422%3%
WRDJ TurnerPittSr27.813.91,9,1410%8.90%
WRGunner RomneyBYUJr25.425.42,3,10,11,13,1412%0.10%
WRRashee RiceSMUSo25.312.652,6,1442%4.70%
WRJalen WayneSoAlSo24.912.453,6,1417%-2.10%
WRRoshauud PaulArkStJr24123,1410%5.50%
WRMarvin MimsOklaFr20.520.51,3,7,1138%-0.50%
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