Week 12 College Fantasy Football Player Rankings

Many college fantasy football leagues around the country are starting their playoffs this week! It’s paramount to set your fantasy lineups with the best data and we’re bringing you the data-backed decisions for optimization. All of the to-date postponed games have been removed from the rankings – but that’s something to keep an eye on as the week progresses. 

Good luck this week! Our best DFS plays will be released later in the week focused on the Saturday games. For all things fantasy, you have to love an angry, great team – expect big things from Clemson this week as they look to solidify themselves in the CFP conversations.

Here’s a look at our Week 12 college fantasy rankings. For the full list, please log in or sign up!


RankPositionPlayerTeamYearOpponentFPtsFP/GW9W10W1SpreadO/UProj Team PointsProj Opp Points
1QBTrevor LawrenceClemJr@FlaSt Sat 12:00PM186.631.1000-35675116
2QBKyle TraskFlaSr@Vand Sat 12:00PM220.436.735.9537.242.6-31.56849.7518.25
3QBJustin FieldsOHStJrInd Sat 12:00PM107.135.731.542.40-206743.523.5
4QBZach WilsonBYUJrN AL Sat 3:00PM280.035.030.734.750nana#VALUE!#VALUE!
5QBSam EhlingerTexSr@Kans Sat 3:30PM248.035.423.5521.10-29.559.544.515


RankPositionPlayerTeamYearOpponentFPtsFP/GW9W10W1SpreadO/UProj Team PointsProj Opp Points
1RBTravis EtienneClemSr@FlaSt Sat 12:00PM215.526.939.420.50-35675116
2RBJaret PattersonBuffJr@BGSU Tue 7:00PM45.022.5025.719.3-315844.513.5
3RBNajee HarrisAlaSrKY Sat 4:00PM191.732.021.500-3158.544.7513.75
4RBMohamed IbrahimMinnJrPurd Fri 7:30PM143.135.844.749.517.23633033
5RBRhamondre StevensonOklaSrOkSt Sat 7:30PM62.431.23032.40-759.533.2526.25


RankPositionPlayerTeamYearOpponentFPtsFP/GW9W10W1SpreadO/UProj Team PointsProj Opp Points
1WRDeVonta SmithAlaSrKY Sat 4:00PM186.131.055.300-3158.544.7513.75
2WRIsaiah McKoyKentJrAkr Tue 8:00PM49.824.9024.425.4-2758.542.7515.75
3WRJonathan Adams Jr.ArkStSr@TxSt Sat 3:00PM193.224.217.419.50-66736.530.5
4WRDavid BellPurdSo@Minn Fri 7:30PM87.129.027.2016.8-3633330
5WRKhalil ShakirBoiseJr@Hawaii Sat 11:00PM101.725.416.836.313.9-146137.523.5
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