While recently there’s been hope for a college football video game, it’s yet another year of needing to update the NCAA Football 14 rosters. A group of guys on an Operation Sports thread are working continuously to update the rosters. We’ve listed the 2020-2021 & the 2019-2020 rosters below.

Please comment on the post if you’re aware of any changes and we’ll update the post, but here are some unverified gamertags on PS3 and XBox 360 for updated NCAA 14 rosters:

Let us know if you’ve found better rosters! Hopefully this is the last season we have to do this!

AdvertisementHere are the gamertags for last year’s (2019-2020) updated NCAA 14 rosters in case you’re looking to beat out the Operation Sports team:

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    1. They haven’t finished updated all the teams yet. At this point, there are 23 teams that have not been updated.

    1. Any idea why after I download the 2019-2020 rosters. All the quarterbacks are listed with wrong names when I play in online match play?

  1. I just recently purchased a used copy of NCAA 14 Ultimate Team Packs (Walmart Edition). I’m unable to go into file sharing to even download an updated roster file. My PS3 keeps telling I need to log into EA(Which is currently unavailable)…It won’t even afford me access to that area of the game. How can I can work around this, get file sharing access, & Download Updated Rosters?

    1. Pretty sure you have to have internet access “Xbox live” in order for it to access the EA servers. If you already know this then I’m not sure what else could help.

  2. This is not up to date. Jonathan Taylor, Joe Burrow, Chase Young, Antoine Winfield Jr., Andrew Thomas, etc. are all still in the game listed as “X X”

  3. Ohio state roster 2020 needs updated number change SS #2 KOURT WILLIAMS CB #10 CAMERON MARTINEZ SS #14 RONNIE HICKMAN still waiting on a good update roster bored an ready to play the season go Buckeyes

    1. Same here, in major need of help as I’ve ventured back into ncaa 13 for ps3– where can I find a roster for this season or last year (19-20, or 20-21)??? Why is this so hard? These things used to be everywhere. Someone help. Want to enjoy this over the holidays.

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