Top 2021 College Football Transfers

Back for another podcast; Matt, Brian, and Danny discuss the top transfers for the 2021 college football season. We discuss a list from the 247sports website and how each of these players will impact college fantasy football.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We recorded this podcast before Arik Gilbert de-committed from Florida. 

We look forward to our next few podcasts as we’ll focus on 2021 Next Man Up, Early 2021 College Fantasy Player Rankings, and 2021 sleepers. Enjoy! 

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Podcast Transcript

Matt Knowles: Hey everybody! How are you doing? We are back for another CFBDynasty podcast. Zach is taking the night off. So I am going to be your host. My name is Matt Knowles. I am one half of Insymmetry Creations that is a content creation and comic writing company. But as far as CFBDynasty goes I have been involved with the league for their college and pro-fantasy football league for thirteen years, and I have been on been in fantasy football for twenty-five years. Known Brian …probably longer that has been alive. But either way, you have got me today. We are going to talk about top transfers impacting college fantasy football. Got two other great people with me tonight. We are going to start over here in this corner with Brian McElfresh. Brian why do not you introduce yourself and let everybody know a little bit about why you are on this podcast.

Brian McElfresh: Hey! So I started CFBDynasty out of need. I was already doing the research and everything for my own, you know personal CFBDynasty, the actual fantasy league portion of this. Six years ago we started CFBDynasty to kind of put that research out on the web to help everyone out with cheat sheets and rankings. We do everything from your standard, you know, seasonal fantasy football league to the keeper to the dynasty leagues and we defined dynasty as you know, college players being drafted for your college fantasy team and then they graduate up to a year NFL team. I know other people call it C2C, or ‘campus to canton’ but dynasty is how we define it. It is the same thing. I run a digital marketing agency out of Ocala, Florida. We service local clients nationally; we service them locally and nationally and it is called Searchalytics. Danny why do not you go ahead and give yourself an intro.

Danny Tucker: Well, man, that is a pretty impressive the follow, but my name is Danny Tucker. I have been with CFBDynasty for six years now working behind the scenes doing helping with all the rankings and all the little posts to write and all that good stuff. I have been playing in college fantasy football now for about thirteen years probably longer than twenty-plus years with NFL and all that stuff but college football’s wearing my background is and that is what I love the most. So it is what I love to do.

Matt: All right, so tonight we are going to be talking about the top transfers impacting college fantasy football. We are going to be using the list from 24/7 written by Chris Hummer. So we are going to look at the players that are going to have the most impact on our fantasy eligible. We do not care as far as this podcast is concerned about an offensive lineman transferring or linebacker transferring because most of our leagues are not going to be drafting those guys, we are going to go down his list and look at the top twenty or so that are draft eligible and then we are going to ask some follow-up questions after that.

#1 Arik Gilbert

Matt: So we are going to start with the top guy on the list. The guy that made Brian McElfresh stand and on his head, jump for joy, you know do some cartwheels and we are going to start right there with him. That is the tight end Arik Gilbert from Florida. Brian, let us talk about some Arik Gilbert.

Brian: Yeah, so he comes over from LSU, and oddly before the Florida game he opted out and then he never played again for LSU. I know there is a lot of rumors about Georgia tampering with him and whatnot, but not going to get into that as far as fantasy goes he is going to come in as the direct replacement for Kyle Pitts and you really cannot think of a better person to kind of replace him. So Pitts won the Mackey Award, had a great season with Trask at quarterback. He did not play all the games this season set out a couple but had over 700 yards 12 touchdowns. So be a top ten, top fifteen picks in the draft.

Brian: Arik Gilbert comes in as a freak. So he is 6’5″, 253 pounds, did some amazing things as a freshman fast and he is the highest-rated freshman in the history of…since they have been doing rankings for tight ends. So that is going to be a big deal for the Florida offense. The offense is going to shift a little bit from a little bit less past heavy more running focused with a dual-threat quarterback. Emory Jones taking over for Kyle Trask, but I love Arik Gilbert. He really could lead Florida. It will probably compete with Jacob Copeland for that and assuming that he will be able to play this year. He will be an absolute starter for whoever has him in fantasy. Certainly one of the top five tight ends in our rankings that we have and have not unveiled yet, but we plan to in the next few podcasts.

Matt: Danny as a Florida State fan, you just got rid of Kyle Pitts. Now you get to go deal with Arik Gilbert with your cross-state rival. What do you think about Arik Gilbert going to Florida being a Florida State fan yourself?

Danny: Well, honestly, I do not like it at all, but it is going to be very interesting this year to see how the Florida offense works in general. They are replacing a lot of their top players from last year on offense. You are probably going to see a lot more RPOs with a lot more captive[?]for the tight end. I mean, I think Pitts had 43 catches last year missed a lot of time [inaudible] before. Gilbert is the go-to guy. I mean, he could push 7080 captives of the season easily, dumping over the middle. Because when you are looking at quarterbacks running like crazy on you leaves wide-open tight ends over the middle of the field so it could be very interesting and it is not something I am looking forward to having to defend at the end of cruising.

Brian: Yeah, that is a great point kind of like the RPO. Like you said putting the linebacker at conflict there. He is got his eyes in the backfield. It is really easy to leak that tight end out. Yeah. Good point.

#2 Demarkus Bowman

Matt: Danny as you said Florida’s got to replace a lot of pieces. Interestingly enough the on this transfer list number two on the 24/7 list is Demarcus Bowman who has also gone to Florida. So Brian, again as a Florida fan, what do you think about this list having the top two guys as transfers into your favorite program.

Brian: Yeah, it is great Bowman came out of Lakeland High School and Florida, has landed a ton of top talent from there. And Florida Coach has got a lot of flack for not Landing Bowman out of high school, but he comes over from Clemson, and from a fantasy point of view he was going to be that next guy like, he was going to probably bid out the other backs there and become the man at Clemson. But it is just not going to be the case. He is going to go to Florida and he is going to play like, he is going to play this year. There is Damien Pierce the senior who will be there and Lorenzo Lingard, another former five-star transferred over from Miami did not play a ton last year while he was learning the offense, but I expect them all to play and to get some touches and I think Bowman eventually becomes the guy at Florida. What does that look like in an offense where the quarterback runs a lot? That is going to be interesting to see. So you kind of want to look back at the Mississippi State offenses with that Prescott where they ran a lot of reading options and the running backs did well. They were fantasy where the running backs, but they were not your running back one or you are running back to like they can be a good third running back in most leagues. But I like to believe that Emory Jones will…with his ability to run is going to eat up a ton of the fantasy points, him, and Arik Gilbert, Jacob Copeland will be the best out of the offense. And what is left for the running backs is to be seen but I think Bowman will eventually become the guy.

#3 Eric Gray

Matt: So we are going to move on to the next guy on the list are going to start with Danny on this one, because as a fantasy player that had Tennessee running backs last year. What do you think about Gray getting up out of there and going over to Oklahoma?

Danny: Well, I am excited about it but at the same time nervous. I am happy that Tennessee because I feel like he is going to have more opportunity in a wide-open spread open offense. Maybe they will use him a little more down by the go line. And like Tennessee who wants to use him in between at the twenties and then [inaudible] other people in. He is got big shoes to fill. I mean Oklahoma’s losing a really good back this year. So there are going to be plenty of opportunities for him to come in and take the field. We are just gonna have to wait and play out Oklahoma. Are they going to lean more on Spencer rather [inaudible] this year with that wide open…all those receivers they have, Mims coming back, Hasselwood coming off the injury. It is going to be interesting to see how they run that offense for a change.

Brian: I was a little bit disappointed when I remembered Kennedy Brooks for a second because when the Eric Gray transfer happened, I immediately thought, ‘Oh, wow, that is top ten running back.’ I have seen a lot of Eric Gray and he is an incredible back, in the way he runs he is got NFL potential just an all-around really good back; can catch, is tough, runs between the tackles, he is got speed. So Kennedy Brooks opted out last year, kind of, how does that factor into the depth chart? That is just going to be something we have to see currently in the rankings. I have them both in our top twenty-five, but I look forward to kind of seeing how the depth chart shakes out. Eric Gray could be a star if given the opportunity at Oklahoma, a Fantasy star, but we will just have to wait and see.

#4 Wan'Dale Robinson

Matt: Alright, so number five on the list is one Wan’dale Robinson going from Nebraska to Kentucky. So Brian, what do you think about this guy?

Brian: So Nebraska has just been rough. It is from a fantasy perspective when Scott Frost went there and Adrian Martinez signed on I was all-in. I thought that would work out. It is probably my biggest rankings blunder a couple of years back. Having Adrian Martinez so high on the rankings because everything seems to naturally fit well. I thought they would do some damage in the Big Ten, but they just have not yet. Wan’dale Robinson was the man there he had forty catches as a freshman fifty-one as a sophomore, but only a few touchdowns. Last year he had two touchdowns so that is not the kind of growth you expect out of a player. He is bursty, he is quick, he is not a possession receiver, which I like. People who get a volume of catches, but he might be able to get that in Kentucky as a slot receiver and potentially get some carries as well. I like it Kentucky’s an under-the-radar team. He is not someone you would want to start in most fantasy leagues unless you are in an SCC-only League. So he is someone to think about and see how he does in the spring, in the fall. And then maybe he will be worthy, of more of a late-round pick-up like a bi-week filler kind of player.

Matt: Danny what do you think about how moving over to Kentucky you have a school in Nebraska that did not get to play all their games last year and then you have… as he is gets moved to the SCC where Kentucky got a tough SEC schedule. Do you think he is going to be able to show out in the SSC after what happened last year and with Nebraska?

Danny: I mean from a personal standpoint I think I would avoid him in fantasy and that is just me from a personal standpoint. Kentucky’s offense to me just never been one that I have trusted in and anything. I mean we saw a couple of years ago, they got ended up with a player hurt. They put a wide receiver at quarterback and he just ran the ball every time, I mean to me there is just not enough there to put any trust in them. I mean, that is somebody I would use as a pickup maybe midseason something like that if we see the offenses start working or going that route, but I just do not know if I would put faith in him yet.

#5 Ty Chandler

Matt: I agree with that. Alright now, we are going to move on Ty Chandler the running back for North Carolina. This one is very interesting just because of the massive gaping hole that is the North Carolina running backs because of how much how excellent they were. And that pains me as a North Carolina State Wolfpack fan. It pains me how great their two-headed monster was last year, but I think Ty Chandler is getting himself into a great situation that where he can be a star with all those guys and all that production that is moving out. Danny, you want to start there to what do you think about the Ty Chandler move to North Carolina?

Danny: Well, that is my big thing. I lose in the top two wide receivers, losing the top two running backs off their team you return a great quarterback, and somehow…who does he leaned on in the offense, you know Ty Chandler is coming over. He is got all the SCC experience. He is coming into the ACC now known as weak or defense as they do not have all the weapons that the SCC is known for and I think it is a great fit for him. I mean, I easily could see him as a number two fantasy running back this year on your teams.

Brian: To give you gave you guys the number, so Michael Carter last year 1200 yards nine touchdowns rushing Javonte Williams, 1100 yards 19 touchdowns rushing. That is not even discussing what they did as past catchers, which they were both heavily involved there. Ty Chandler’s got a tremendous opportunity to step in as a full-time starter and do well. So I love this fit. Man! The upside is pretty immense. He is never had 700 yards rushing in a season through four seasons, never had five touchdowns rushing through four seasons. I think he is going to be worth a flyer. I agree on running back to if he is there some for some reason like in the sixth, seventh, eighth round. He is worth of draft pick. I cannot wait to see what his average draft position is going to be. But absolutely someone I have got my eyes on and will continue to monitor. I have to imagine he is going to win the starting job, he is going to it is going to be his last year for sure. And then North Carolina’s got some young guys that you need to watch for any dynasty leagues to kind of see who gets the second team carries there. They run the ball enough to run more than one running back and they will. I believe Chandler’s going to get that goal-line carries and he will get the bulk of the carries either way.

#6 Tanner Mordecai

Matt: Alright, so the next guy would go to is number fourteen on the rankings. And again, like we said we are going through the top twenty of college fantasy football draft-eligible players. So there has been a lot of offensive linemen and linebackers and quarterbacks that have been on the list up to this point. This is the first quarterback that is on the list and that is Tanner Mordecai who is going to SMU. BMac[?] I know that you have a very strong feeling about him going over to SMU. Tell us what you think.

Brian: Well it is disappointing for a lot of the fantasy guys out there, the guys who follow college fantasy football or other sites that write about them. Everyone was looking forward to Preston Stone and I mean who does not love drafting a freshman early in the draft, especially if you are in a keeper Dynasty League where you can hold people over for years to come. Preston Stone came to SMU this year as a four-star commitment pro-style 6 foot 2, 2005, was expected to be the next man up. But Tanner Mordecai is going to surprise some people because he was a good recruit. He can move, he is got a good arm coming over from Oklahoma. I expect Mordecai when the job and I expect him to put up some great fantasy numbers. So he is got some years of eligibility left too. So the Preston Stone fans out there just going to have to take your shot and wait or maybe he will be able to beat out Mordecai but I do think Mordecai is going to get this job.

Matt: Danny if you had Mordecai and Stone both sitting there in the draft at the same position and you have to draft one of the other you have no other choice, you got to draft one of the other which one goes on to your draft board and why? I am not going to put you on the spot but I am going to put you on the spot.

Danny: Yeah, this is definitely on the spot. Man! Because you want to own SMU starting quarterback, you want to own their number one option at wide receiver. Those guys just put up crazy fantasy stats every year. Can I tell you it depends on how my team looks right now are?

Matt: Sure!

Danny: If I am [inaudible] then I am going to look at what Tanner Mordecai all day long. If I am looking for a freshman, then I am going to go freshman, but added a…to if I had to guess I would probably go, Tanner. He just has college experience already. He is been in systems. He knows how springs work. So, on the spot guess would have to be Tanner.

Matt: Well, I think that is a good point too. I think one of the things that we learned from the 2020 season is that there is always going to be a time to draft guys for the future, but right now you want to be drafting guys are going to be able to put stats on your team right now. Because you do not know what is going to happen in 2021, 2022. You are not sure what the mechanisms are going to be in place. So it makes it even riskier to take a flyer on a guy that you are not sure is going to be the starting quarterback. So I think that the decision to go, Mordecai, there is probably the smarter of the two with the knowledge that we have right now. He is probably the most likely guy that is going to put up stats today for your team.

Brian: And he is going to have a legit number one fantasy receiver and Reggie Roberson’s Junior who came back for an extra year this year to go along with Rashee Rice and Bentley in the rest of the offense. They are going to be fun. They are going to put up a lot of points and if Mordecai wants the job, he will be a great legit fantasy starter.

#7 McKenzie Milton

Matt: Alright, so now we are going to move on to a number sixteen and it pains me to say that I am rooting for this guy this year because he went to Florida State but it pains me to say I am rooting for him, and that is McKenzie Milton who transfers from UCF after the horrific injury that he had up there at Florida State. Danny we are going to start with you because this is going to be your guy. So, what do you think about Mackenzie Milton going up there to Tallahassee?

Danny: Well, if he is eighty percent of what he was when he played for UCF, he will be the best quarterback on the team. With that said, I think the quarterback situation of Florida State this year is going to be split. One thing that pained us last year was Jordan Travis was running way too much and got hurt. Then we had to rely on from–Milton has the much better armed than what Travis is got. I could…to quarterback this time running to where Milton is handling more the thing[?] downs. Everybody knows Travis kill you with his– but he also proved it by the end of the season is– arm better. So he is one of those guys that you cannot just say, “Oh, he is just running the read option and that is all you are going to get.” I think Milton as long as he is fully healthy is a day one starter at this point I don’t see the reason why they would have went out and got him if they were not trying to upgrade the [inaudible] from last year. It is going to be an interesting watch and I think he could probably be one of the best on the transfer market this year as long as he is healthy.

Matt: After seeing [inaudible] Florida State football for over thirty years, being an ACC fan. I have never seen Florida State have such a mess at quarterback like they had last year. It was unreal how many guys took snaps at Florida State, that honestly probably never should have had to take snaps. So for them to be able to get some kind of stability in there is not a good thing for the rest of the schools in the ACC. Because that is something they have missed for a long time is true stability at the quarterback spot and Mackenzie Milton is probably going to be the guy that is going to bring that to them. So BMac what were you going to say?

Brian: Yeah, he is going to be interesting to follow just to see how that offense and offensive line shapes up. He was an outstanding quarterback and I had them on my fantasy team when he got hurt cost me championship as I was standing in crunches and munchies and getting some wings when he went down. My championship was over. I think it was a Thursday or Friday game. That was a rough injury and everybody is rooting for Mackenzie Milton to do well. So hopefully he will have a great year and help get things kind of turned around and in the right direction. We are looking forward to seeing him.

#8 Zach charbonnet

Matt: All right, we are going through the 24/7 list of impact transfers. We are up to number eighteen, this is Zach Charbonnet from the running back who is going to UCLA. We will start with Brian, what do you think about this one?

Brian: Charbonnet four-star guy, went to Michigan and did well. He is a bigger guy 6’2″, 215 pounds powerful runner, but he is not slow either. I thought it was the perfect fit there with Harbaugh and Michigan but man nothing is turning out perfectly for them. So at UCLA under Chip Kelly, they are starting to get things going. So kind of a slower start than a lot of people wanted to see. But watch out as Charbonnet gets going he can be the man running backs under Chip Kelly, the starter has all excelled and fantasy. He could be a fantastic sleeper that because he did not put up big numbers at Michigan he might not get the respect going into some ranking some draft boards a lot of people probably overlook him, but certainly, as a future starter for UCLA, I like him a lot. How about you [inaudible]?

Danny: Yeah, I think he is one of the guys that everybody wanted at a high school, he is like a Tray Sanders. Everybody is now just waiting, ‘when are you gonna come out and announce yourself to the fantasy world.’ Hopefully, he can find a new home resettle himself in out there, and hopefully, he finally gives us all that we wanted. Because I am pretty sure he was probably a first second-round pick in most drafts. We will see.

#9 Charleston Rambo

Matt: All right. So next on the list we have got the wide receiver, Charleston Rambo went from Oklahoma down to Miami. I am going to start with him. I think this is probably a great move for him last year. Everybody thought he was going to be much more than he was. Nobody thought that Mims was going to be the number one guy out there. Mims was ranked as the wide receiver five on that team preseason. So for members to become the go-to guy out there, if you are a wide receiver and you do not want to compete with that, go somewhere where you have now got a super senior quarterback and D’Eriq King that is coming back. He could have a monster year with a super senior quarterback down there in Miami. Brian, what is your take on that?

Brian: Yeah, totally agree. It was the right move for him. He was not going to get the [inaudible] at Oklahoma. He declined from forty-three catches to twenty-five, from nineteen to twenty. With the word coming back, Trejan Bridges is probably going to earn a starting role. They are going to find a way to get that talent on the field in addition to Mims and everyone else that they have got there. It was the right move and yeah with D’Eriq King in Miami, Rambo has an opportunity. He was rainbow was one of those guys that I would like to pick like with other high-powered passing offenses. He is good as the third low-cost receiver in a DFS lineup. I think he got a chance to get some volume. They are similar to the situation at Florida or any other like a dual-threat quarterback. The quarterback is going to eat up the bulk of the fantasy points. So I do not think he is a wide receiver one wide receiver for fantasy, but he could be a spot filler. And if he is available because no one drafted him certainly worthy of checking him out to see if he ends up getting you to know, six, seven, eight attempts his way every game. So we will see. He is one that I would wait on probably, he is not someone I am over-excited about or anything, but it was good for him. It is what a transfer portal was made for and hopefully, he will become an everyday start at Miami and do some damage.

#10 ethan garbers

Matt: All right. So now we are going to go down to number twenty on the 24/7 top impact transfers and that is Ethan Garbers, the quarterback for UCLA. Brian. what do you think about this transfer for Garbers going over to UCLA?

Brian: So Garbers is a four-star pro-style quarterback, which is interesting for UCLA and Chip Kelly taking on a pro-style guy, but he can move a little bit, but he is not going to be Mariota or anything like that. So we will see how this plays out. He transferred out of Washington after Dylan Morris when that job and then five stars Sam Huard is entering there also. So most expect him to be the next man up. And apparently, Garbers thought so too. So he is out and at UCLA and no film or anything on him yet in college. So we will just kind of have to wait and see. He is not someone to draft with any anticipation of putting up fantasy points in the 2021 season.

Matt: Alright, so we have gone through the top twenty college fantasy eligible players. Now, we have a couple of follow-up questions that we are going to put out there. So first off we will start with Tucker. Who do you think is going to have the biggest fantasy impact on their new team and why? It could be somebody we have already covered maybe somebody else. It does not matter if we have talked about them or not. Who do you think gonna have the biggest fantasy impact and why?

Danny: Well, the biggest fantasy impact probably out of all of them would be Eric[?] Gilbert and I just think Florida replacing so much on offense that they got to find the next man. And he needs to find them early and I think with his upside and his ability and his freakish athleticism I think it would be weird to pick anybody but Gilbert.

Brian: Yeah. I like the pick of Gilbert. I think he is the highest-rated tight end of all time. I fully expect he will be a star fantasy player[?]. If you had Kyle Pitts as your tight end this year on the games that he played on average you probably had a ten, fifteen, a twenty-point advantage over your competition no matter what tight end they had most weeks. So that is a big advantage in fantasy if you can have potentially a fifty percent advantage points-wise. That is great! I hope it is Eric Gilbert but I think Ty Chandler has an opportunity for that to be him, replacing over 2,000 yards of running backs there. He is never been the guy, he is got that opportunity this year. So I think he will put up more points than Gilbert. Which one is the better statistical play In terms of giving your fantasy team an advantage over completion, Gilbert is the right choice.

Matt: Agree with both of those two picks. So now we are going to go onto, who do you think is the most under the radar guy who is transferred. Under the radar could be the least expectations about this player. It could be a low-level guy group of five guys that have been a transfer. Just whoever comes to mind for you if talking about somebody that is under the radar.

Brian: So just today at work in the podcast here, Marc Anthony Richards transferred over from Auburn to UCF. He followed Gus Malzahn there and I did not really like where he went to Auburn with their offense. They will run a ton of end-around-stop play is where slot receivers will get a lot of carries and they can coverage combust and Marc Anthony Richards has the speed. He is a really fast shifty running back. Anthony Thomas is someone who comes to mind with Mark and Anthony Richards and him going to UCF, he got the talent to show up in a big way fantasy-wise. I like that pick for him.

Matt: Daddy, who is somebody that comes to your mind? Anybody that comes to your mind is somebody that is going to be under the radar.

Danny: This is going to be completely under the radar. But I am going with Andrew Parchment coming from Kansas going to Florida State. They lose [inaudible] Ontario from last year. The whole passing game was a complete train wreck. They did not have a guy you could lean on very young at the position. With him coming over senior 6’2″ good-sized. I feel like there is a big hole for him that he could easily fill in the passing game if Florida State could get it rolling.

Matt: I am just going to go with a guy that we already talked about and the only reason why I think Mackenzie Milton is under the radar is only that people have short memories. It has been so long since he has been on the field. Unless you are somebody that follows UCF football unless you are somebody from the southeast you may not have ever been exposed to the way the McKenzie Milton plays. I do not think that a lot of people understand the quality of the player he is. So when you put him at a big-time program like Florida State I think he can surprise a lot of people that just do not understand that this guy is the real deal. If he can get back after that injury.

Brian: Yeah, I agree, and just while we are on the topic. I will mention just a few others that were on the list that we can mention. Marky Steph[?] transferring from USC to Nebraska, Kiante Ingram running back from Texas to USC, Grant Calcaterra which is an interesting one from Oklahoma to SMU, Jack Cone from Wisconsin to Notre Dame potentially when that quarterback job there, Mookie Cooper former four-star recruit from Ohio State go into Missouri at receiver and Grant Gunnel[?] moving over to Memphis. So those will be interesting ones to follow. Calcaterra’s one that I have got my eyes on to kind of pick up later and drafts at SMU kind of filling in there in a tight end where Granson[?] crushed it for a lot of weeks. He was kind of close there to Kyle Pitts, but a good one to follow, had some great seasons at Oklahoma before getting hurt. Now he got a shot at Redemption potentially with the former Oklahoma quarterback Tanner Mordecai there at SMU.

Matt: That is good stuff man. So now we are going to ask who is still out there in the portal and I went and looked out there today and there is still an incredible number of players out there in the portal. It just blows your mind. The number of players that are still out there between schools. Who is out there that is still in the portal that you are keeping your eyes on based on where they go could have a fantasy impact? Danny, we will go to you first. Do you have anybody that you think would go into that bucket?

Danny: I have two of them that are out there that I sort of like. One of them is David Bailey played for Boston College last year. He is in the portal. Everybody knows what crazy AJ Dylan went off for Boston College for years and how they leaned on the running game [inaudible] come in last year. You saw a whole different offense. They did not lean on the running game so much what the running backs. He is one guy that I feel still has a lot left in the tank because of how much they wrote AJ Dylan and his career, so it would be interesting to see where he goes. And the other one that I like that is still there is Alan Bowman from Texas Tech, great fantasy quarterback for a couple of years there. It will be interesting to see where he lands.

Matt: Well, I just looked at the history of the year of quarterback at Texas Tech and you transfer somewhere you normally do pretty good.

Danny: Yeah, exactly. So yeah, it would be kind of interesting to see where he goes and what kind of offense he gets into.

Matt: [inaudible] listed that I am interested to see where he goes is Andrew Claire the running back from Bowling Green is in the transfer portal. Claire is the kind of guy that he is always had a lot of talk about him. If you look at his stats, his stats are not that– for a season. That is because he had one game where he would be the main guy and he would blow up and then the next game he gets like five carries. So he was one of those infuriating guys because Bowling Green could not decide if he was going to be the main guy or he was going to be the backup. So I think if he was to go to a school where he was going to be able to be the man– and play against some competition that is at his level. He could produce some good fantasy stats.

Danny: Agreed.

Brian: Yeah, I guess I would say Tyler Shough but he is already announced he is going to Texas Tech. So that is one I have got my eye to the kind of see how he is going in terms of people that are still out there. Nobody else that I had my eye on. Keith Corbin from Houston because he had a big year or you know, a pretty decent career. I guess they are Houston with ] ninety-four passes 1,500 yards almost but he is going to go play for Deion[?] at Jackson State so Tyler Shough that is who I was going to say but he recently went to Texas Tech.

Matt: All right. So the last question that we have on here. I am going to change it up just slightly from what we all will be talked about pre-game is on. Is there any player that is transferred that you think either where he transferred to is going to cloud up the fantasy picture there or do you think by them transferring out they have cleared up the fantasy impact at the school they left? I think that is a tough question. But I think that you can look at it from either side. They may have transferred into a bad situation and made it where they have overloaded a quarterback running back wide receiver or by them transferring out now, you have had a much clearer picture of what is going to happen at the school they left.

Brian: So Demarcus Bowman leaving Clemson cleared the way for Lyn-J Dixon. He is not someone I have been incredibly impressed with as a running back as a player, but I think he will be the beneficiary of them transitioning from Trevor Lawrence to a new quarterback who has a long last name that I need to practice. But I think they are going to lean a little bit more on the running game and Lyn-J Dixon is going to be the beneficiary. On the flip side, Eric Gray coming over from Tennessee to Oklahoma muddies the water for fantasy. You like to go all-in on Kennedy Brooks or Eric Gray they are both good running backs in their own right. So that is just going to be one to kind of watch and if they are both healthy going into the season. It is probably going to end up being awash with a running quarterback and then two really good running backs in an offense that also passes the ball a lot so that it is unfortunate from a fantasy perspective.

Matt: The reason I change this up is that I cannot go to a podcast about transfers without mentioning Bailey Hockman. Danny knows what it is like to have Bailey Hockman leave his program. I do not– Bailey Hockman leaves my program. I am really glad to see Bailey Hockman transfer to a group of five schools. I have never been sold on Bailey Hockman’s talent. Bailey Hockman is just good enough to win you a few games, but he’ is also just not good enough to cost you some games and as a North Carolina State Wolfpack fan. He was inserted into the starting line of this yea,r strictly because of COVID reasons. Devin Leary was always going to be the starting quarterback and Hockman had to come in. He started off the season had a great game to start the year. But as the season went on he was dreadful in certain games. We were probably one of the worst teams with a good record out there in college football. And the thing of the matter was the when the season was over I was like, I hope Hockman transfers only because he was probably going to be the fourth-best quarterback on the NC State roster going into 2021. Having Ben Finley, having McLaughlin, and having David Leary come back and he probably, from a talent perspective, would have been the fourth-best quarterback coming back in on an ACC program. For him to go to a group of five schools at the Middle Tennessee State level of competition he is going to play. He is probably going to have a chance to excel out there in Middle Tennessee when it also clears up the pathway for all these good quarterbacks at [inaudible] of NC State who has more quarterbacks in the NFL right now than any other school. It legit clears the path up for Leary and Finley and McLaughlin to be able to do their thing without having the specter of Bailey Hockman still sitting there on the bench.

Danny: Yeah. I know how it feels to have him on your team. So I was kind of happy to see when he went to NC State. But it clears the air in NC State though because now Leary is the man, you know solidifies everything for you guys. I am looking at Florida State and there is one guy that I did not mention in the transfer but L’Damian Webb going to Troy I think could be a very good thing for him. The very physical runner, very good running back for us last year at Florida State, but I think that him slowly losing touches at the end of the season and made him move on but he is a guy out there that I am very interested in for next year and watching to see what he can do going from an ACC to Troy. [inaudible] talent stuff like that and he ran very well against ACC competition. So he is going to be one that I would keep my eye on to see how he does when he gets over there.

Matt: All right. So we have gotten to the end of the things we had scheduled for this podcast. I am going to push it back over to Brian and Danny one more time. Is there any other advice you have to anybody out there in the college fantasy football world about things they should look for in the transfer portal as we head into the 2021 draft season?

Brian: Yeah, so, I do think players coming out of high school when they are being recruited, do not make the best decisions when it comes to depth charts and opportunity to play and that is a key part of transfers making that decision. That is most likely for everyone their final college destination potentially their last chance. So transfers are a huge deal. And college football there a huge deal in college fantasy football now, so certainly in addition to following the depth chart, follow the coaches. Make sure you are looking at these coaches that are looking at players that are going to coaches that have an offense. Like with Florida, for example, they are switching from a pass-happy offense this year and they are going to be more run-focused. So in this case in our rankings are going to reflect this information because of the stuff we look at all the time. But if you are looking at any of the Florida running backs do not look at how they perform last year you look at how they performed at Mississippi State because that is going to be a better analogy for how this year is going to play out with a different change in quarterbacks there. So you got to follow that talk Matt anything else on you guys?

Matt: Do you have anything Danny?

Danny: My big thing is, just do not fall in love with somebody. That is a freshman out of high school. Do not fall in love with them. Do not think they are going to be the next big thing right off the bat.

Brian: [inaudible] to say in February, but wait till July when drafts getting ready to come around.

Danny: No. I do not know. I have had more success with my fantasy, redshirt freshman-sophomore somebody like that, and I have won three championships by playing that role outside of going freshman. So just do not fall in love with the guy too early.

Matt: For this season particularly I think we are probably going to see some very interesting people transfer out this coming year because this year we are going to have bloated rosters from all the super seniors coming back. There are going to be additional players on the roster. I think you are probably going to see a lot more players that are dissatisfied with their playing time because the rosters are so big. That you may see even more big-name guys that we saw this year transfer out. So I think this year you are going to see a little more instability in 2021. So pay attention to that transfer portal and pay attention to who goes there and why.

Brian: Speaking of that Matt, that brings up another thought that I am playing out kind of out here. So if you think back to Derrick[?] King this year going back is going to be a normal year. So once you get to once you get past four games, that is when you will start to see some transfers. Players kind of opt-out and decide to transfer out they are not getting playing time or in the case of Derrick[?] King the team is just bad, that is not how they want to end their career. So they just transfer out and it is worked out well for him. That is going to be another thing that crushes fantasy teams that you just kind of have to hope for. Because nothing really that you can plan for but it is going to be something to watch going into the new year.

Matt: All right. So we have concluded this podcast. Brian, I know you have had a big list of the upcoming podcast let people know a little bit more about CFB Dynasty why they should be going to your CFB Dynasty site. And what are some of the upcoming podcasts that are going to be coming up throughout the year?

Brian: Yeah. So next up we are talking about the next man up. So this is going to be all of the top players in the fantasy that are leaving their school whether they are going to the NFL or if they are leaving out of college. So your Mac Jones, Kyle Tras, Zach Wilson has gone someone has got to step up. So we are going to be talking about who is going to fill the big shoes of the top fantasy players that are moving on to the NFL and then we get into the fun of the rankings. So very excited about our early college fantasy football rankings. We will at least be launching our Top fifty in each position and we will at least talk about the top fifteen or so on the podcast. That is going to be exciting, cannot wait. Mock drafts are soon to follow that so we look forward to all of that and we will all be live on the site as soon as we got it. But thanks for listening. That is all I got.

Matt: All right Danny if they were not going to find you on this podcast. Where would they find you? Would it be at a bowling alley?

Danny: Yeah, probably.

Matt: Did you just have one of your best sets over the other night?

Danny: It was not the best set, but I bowled well in the last tournament I was in. I got another tournament coming up this Saturday. We will see how it goes.

Matt: All right, so Danny is going to be starting up a fantasy bowling podcast here really soon. Anyways, guys, that is it for tonight. Once again, my name is Matt Knowles here for Brian McElFresh and Danny Tucker. These have been the top transfers impacting college fantasy football the CFP Dynasty. We are out. We will see you next time.

Danny: See you!

Brian: See you!

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