Rising Stars: Top College Fantasy Football Players on the Upswing

College fantasy football enthusiasts, rejoice! The offseason has been a whirlwind of change, with player projections skyrocketing thanks to impressive performances and strategic moves. Here are the players whose fantasy value has seen the most significant cff rankings uptick over the last couple of months.


Cam Ward (MIA)
Cam Ward has been lighting it up this spring. With an outstanding spring camp, a solid group of wide receivers, and a bolstered offensive line, Ward’s stock is on the rise. His projected stats are nothing short of impressive: 3,261 passing yards and 29 touchdowns. If he continues on this trajectory, he could be a game-changer for your fantasy lineup.

Jaylen Raynor (Arkansas State)
Jaylen Raynor’s projections have been bumped up after a deep dive into his rushing categories. He’s poised to be a dual-threat quarterback, which significantly boosts his fantasy appeal. Keep an eye on Raynor as a sleeper pick that could pay off big.

Jordan McCloud (Texas State)
Transferring to GJ Kinne’s offense has done wonders for Jordan McCloud’s fantasy projections. He’s now looking at 3,748 passing yards, 30 passing touchdowns, and an additional 5 rushing touchdowns. McCloud is primed to be a top-tier quarterback in fantasy leagues this season.

Running Backs

Marquez Cooper (San Diego State)
Marquez Cooper’s reunion with his former coach, where he built his lead as college football’s all-purpose yards gainer, is set to elevate his performance. Expect him to be a reliable workhorse back, contributing significant yardage and touchdowns to your fantasy team.

Quali Conley (Arizona)
Initially slated for a timeshare with Jacory Croskey-Merritt, Conley’s fantasy prospects soared after Croskey-Merritt flipped to Ole Miss. Conley is now projected for 1,145 yards and nearly 12 touchdowns. He’s a must-have for any fantasy roster aiming for depth at the running back position.

Floyd Chalk (San Jose State)
Floyd Chalk is set to take over from Kairee Robinson, who posted 1,194 yards and 18 touchdowns last season. Chalk is projected to amass around 1,100 yards and 9 touchdowns. He’s stepping into big shoes but has the talent and opportunity to shine.

Jamious Griffin (Oregon State)
With Damien Martinez moving on to Miami, Jamious Griffin is stepping up as the lead back for Oregon State. Griffin has the potential to fill the void left by Martinez and become a fantasy stud this season.

Wide Receivers

Dalvin Smith (Western Kentucky)
Dalvin Smith is conservatively projected at 77 receptions, 975 yards, and 9 touchdowns, placing him as WR23. However, his potential to break into the top 5 is high, especially given the dynamic offense at Western Kentucky. Smith could be a steal in the middle rounds of your fantasy draft.

Squirrel White (Tennessee)
Squirrel White had a disappointing season last year, but this season looks promising. With Tennessee’s offense expected to pass more and with Bru McCoy still injured, White is poised to bounce back. His previous projections might have been premature, but this year he’s ready to deliver on that promise.

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