Player Likeness Rule's Impact on Potential NCAA Football Video Game Return

A group of random college football fans don’t agree on many topics unless the discussion leads to a potential return of an NCAA Football Video Game. After all, it’s been 7 years since the release of the last game in 2013…7 years! 

Most common college football fans believe the video game will eventually return when players are able to be compensated for their likeness – which has a direct correlation with Ed O’Bannon’s trial that seemed to create an America where college football video games are illegal.

Recently, the NCAA has made serious movement towards player’s ability to cash in on their likeness. After all, money is involved – a lot of money, especially in college football. This was a cause for optimism for the NCAA Football video game community which is still keeping the NCAA ’14 rosters updated annually. 

CFBDynasty reached out to Darren Heitner, who is on the forefront of insight on this matter. Heitner is Founder of Heitner Legal and has represented athletes, agents, entertainers, small businesses and large corporations. He also closely associated with gaming and esports regarding legality from fantasy sports based practices and operations. 

Our quest was to determine if there was positive movement towards the return of the NCAA football video game. 

How Does The Player Likeness Rule Impact Potential NCAA Football Video Game Return?

Unfortunately, the NCAA’s recommendations specifically mention that group licensing is not on the table. Thus, if legislation is proposed and adopted by member schools on such a basis, then it seems unlikely that we will see the return of a video game any time soon. That said, things could change and the federal government could intervene on the issue. Meanwhile states like Florida intend to push forward with their own legislation.

This is obviously not in favor of college football fans’ desire to launch dynasty mode, unless you’re willing to pay upwards of $250 for a used copy of the old game on eBay. Yikes. 

Maybe it’ll be on the table soon. It just doesn’t seem likely. 

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