Introducing the CFB Stock Market Fantasy Football League!

Fantrax College Fantasy Football Auction League

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Fantrax CFB Fantasy Stock Market League

Draft Format: Season-Long Best Ball + DFS Style with Fluctuating Performance-Based Values

Player Pool: All FBS schools

Host: CFBDynasty & Burning the Redshirt Podcast

Platform: Fantrax

Deadline: Before Week 1 Games Start

Entry Fee: $30

Roster: 3 QB, 6 RB, 7 WR, 2 TE

Starters: 2 QB, 3 RB, 4 WR, 1 TE

Link to Join: (Request Invite via Discord) CFBDynasty Discord

Weekly Payouts!

...and here's some details

Every year, we join the same College Fantasy Football leagues; we draft the players we think will perform and, more often than not, are disappointed in the outcome at the end of the season. All of your efforts in the spring and summer studying MAC depth charts feels wasted as your team finishes outside of the playoffs for the third straight season. You try different league setups like a Best Ball format where you draft a team and your best scores are taken each week, or a Keeper/Dynasty league where you draft a team and a number of your players carry over to the next season staying on your roster. You even decide that you should try your hand at CFB DFS, where you enter weekly contests picking a new lineup each week within a salary cap. All of these require different strategies to succeed and different mindsets going in.

You may find that different formats suit you better as you have the knowledge and the ability to deep dive into spring practice and fall camp articles to extract the necessary information to have the upperhand in your leagues. I’ve always viewed fantasy sports as a form of the stock market as you take all that research and “invest” in particular players/teams. In recent years, fantasy sports and the stock market have taken a more mainstream correlation with many using terms like, “shares”, “buying low”, and “market value”. You may read articles where people refer to a player’s “market value” based on a ADP (Average Draft Position). Drafting a 5th round talent in the 7th round would be considered “good value” Now why am I talking about the stock market? Well, here’s why…

Introducing the Stock Market Pick’em League in partnership with the Burning the Redshirt Podcast team. We wanted to implement a new, but familiar, format to most College Fantasy Football players whether you play DFS or season-long contests. We are allowing players to pick a team each week to score as many points as possible within a salary cap. Seems simple enough right? Well, not so fast! (said in Lee Corso voice) While you have a $100k salary cap to select players each week, the salaries of players will adjust week to week based on how they perform in prior weeks. We are allowing Fantrax to do all of the salary adjustments so we don’t have the headache of manually adjusting all the salaries. The lineup will be constructed as follows:

3 QB
6 RB
7 WR
2 TE

As you can see, you will roster 18 players with your $100k salary cap. You must roster all 18 spots to be eligible but this league will also incorporate a Best Ball format. The Best Ball scoring will take the top scores of the following:

2 QB
3 RB
4 WR
1 TE

You have some flexibility in setting your lineups. On top of the Best Ball twist, salaries will updated week to week but salaries for players on your roster will not change unless dropped back to the player pool. For instance: you have Bryce Young as one of your QBs at a $10,000 price tag. He has an outstanding game in week 1 and now his salary is $11,000. You will still have him for $10,000 on your roster as long as you keep him. If you drop him and try to re roster him, he will be whatever the new price is for that week. This will take some weekly strategy in order to succeed. This also will work the other way as salaries can go down. You are allowed to drop a player and re-roster him at the lower price saving you some salary to use somewhere else.

We must reiterate, salaries are controlled by Fantrax, so there may be salaries that you feel are too high or too low. That’s okay! Take advantage of “mispriced” players to your advantage!

The last point, and perhaps the most important, is in terms of payouts. We are opening this up with a $30 entry point. Payouts will pay the best lineup each week as well as a season long score. If we fill the 200 team league, the plan is to pay out $100 each week to the highest score for all 13 weeks. There will be a “playoffs” in the way of the top 25% of league entries to be slowly dwindled down in weeks 11-13. The beauty of this is that even though you may miss the “playoffs” you can still earn the high score for weeks 11-13. You can be eligible for the weekly high score even though you are eliminated from the playoffs.

I know this is a lot of information but we can answer all of your questions on the Official Discord Servers of CFBDynasty and the Burning the Redshirt Podcast. You can also contact Brian (@CFBDynasty) and Zach (@ZRTow_CFF) on Twitter.

If you have not joined yet, here are the join links for both Discord servers:


Burning the Redshirt

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