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Nate Craig Myers Auburn

Top 10 Freshman WR 2016

Craig-Meyers is attending Auburn to play is college ball and comes to a team that needs to find play makers. The offense was off balance last year and never got the passing game going. If someone can get him the ball, Craig-Meyers could be a freshman wide receiver to keep your eye on this season.

Top 10 Freshman QB

Eason was the top quarterback coming out of high school. While he has not been named the starter at Georgia yet, most feel it is only a matter of time. Eason may be able to help your team this season and could go high in fantasy drafts.

Demario Mccall Ohio State RB

Top 10 Freshman RB 2016

McCall is another fabulous back coming out of high school that will probably end of red-shirting with so much talent in front of him already. Ohio State normally has great players at the running back position so if you can stash McCall on your team and wait for him to get the starting nod then you may have a special talent.