2023 Northern Illinois Huskies Football Season Preview

Get ready for an informative interview with Eddie Carifio, a well-respected college football analyst, as he shares his expert insights on the highly anticipated 2023 season of the Northern Illinois Huskies football team. In this exclusive conversation with CFBDynasty, Carifio will discuss the team’s strengths, potential challenges, standout players, and overall outlook for the upcoming season. This interview promises to provide a detailed preview of what fans can expect from the Northern Illinois Huskies in 2023, giving valuable information and a clear understanding of the team’s prospects.

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Let’s get into our Q&A session with Eddie Carifio! He covers NIU Huskies football for the Shaw LocalFollow him on Twitter for all the latest and greatest Huskies information.

What's your favorite place to eat in Dekalb?

I think by law I’m supposed to say Fatty’s. But honestly, El Jimador downtown has solid Mexican food, a fun atmosphere and plenty of specials.

Overall, how do you believe the offense will compare to the 2022 version?

Significantly improved. Spoilers for below, but Rocky Lombardi is back after missing most of last season. The senior transfer from Michigan State got a medical redshirt and will play another season with the Huskies. While the RB room, on paper at least, isn’t as deep as the past couple years, the WR group should also make a step forward thanks to Lombardi’s return and also the return of Trayvon Rudolph, the play-making receiver who missed all of last year.

What do you expect from the QB position in 2023?

Basically everything. Lombardi is a tremendous talent and should make an impact in his return. And even if he is hurt again, backup Ethan Hampton has made huge strides from last year. Hampton was hurt right after Lombardi, but he was back for the spring while Lombardi was still rehabbing. He looked very comfortable as a redshirt sophomore running the show.

How do you see the workload at RB being distributed?

Antario Brown looks to be handling most of the load for the team if the spring is any indication. But there’s a big asterisk to that on a couple fronts. Azhuan Dingle, a transfer from Butler CC, was not on board in the spring and figures to be an impact player. Gavin Williams, a transfer from Iowa, may also be in the mix despite Brown getting a lot of work in the spring. And Hammock, a former NIU RB and RB coach with the Baltimore Ravens, loves splitting carries.

How does the offensive line compare to the 2022 group?

The group is not very changed at all. Of the seven that made starts last year, six are back. That includes the Huskies’ only first-team all-MAC selection, Nolan Potter, as well as third-team Logan Zschernitz.

What do you think the distribution will be to the WR/TE's?

Rudolph is obviously going to be the go-to guy. Probably way ahead of anyone else. But there’s some value possibly in guys like Kacper Rutkieiwcz, who is a favorite red-zone target. Tristan Tewes could be a stealthy tight-end play, but it’s a position that doesn’t get a lot of looks and gets cannibalized by a deep collection of players. That may include Brock Lampe, a fullback who got a lot of usage in the spring.

For our dynasty fantasy freaks, who are some young players that stand out as potential future breakout players?

There’s gonna need to be someone making a leap in the receiver group if the Huskies hope to regain 2021 form, and by all indications redshirt freshman Keyshaun Pipkin is that guy. He was a playmaker all spring and had good chemistry with Hampton. Should translate to a good rapport with Hampton this year and for whatever the future holds.

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