2023 Freshman Mock Draft for College Fantasy Football

2023 College Football Teams Trending Up

Matt, Doug, and Brian discuss the teams they believe are trending in the right direction. Based off of returning production, coaching changes, players coming off injury and many other variables, these teams could have a huge upswing and could completely change in terms of fantasy production. 

Listen to the audio or watch the video below and see if you agree with the guys. Who would you add to our list!? Who would you take away!? Catch the CFBDynasty podcast on YouTube or your favorite podcast network!

With over 130 teams in the college football realm, there may be some that you think were missed in our topic of the teams that we believe are trending up. We think these teams could either improve drastically and some may even be in the playoff conversation. After the research though, we believe these teams are at the top of the list and we think you should watch them closely because there are some players on these teams that may sneak into the top 10 or top 15 in terms of fantasy production and they could help you in the quest for that elusive college football championship!

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