2022 Week 5 College Fantasy Player Rankings

Mohamed Ibrahim - Minnesota RB

It’s already week 5 of our college fantasy football player rankings!

To date, we’ve had some really odd disappearances from certain players we had ranked really high going into the season. Will they bounce back!? Should you trade for them while their value is low? We’ll be discussing this strategy with a few players on the podcast. 

We’ve listed out all of the data to optimize your CFF lineup. We’ve got three trailing weeks of points to spot trends because we’re looking for consistency. 

Time to use our rankings tool to optimize those lineups! Any questions!? We have a FREE discord for start/sit questions. Good luck this week!

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In-Season Tool for Optimizing DFS & Standard Lineups

This tool is excellent to use when setting up college football lineups at DraftKings or FanDuel or your standard college fantasy league!

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