2020 WR Rankings – Top 30 College Fantasy Football

Wide Receivers are typically the most difficult to rank with much debate internally. Landing wide receivers in fantasy that produce regularly because of them being a staple in the offense increases probability of winning the fantasy title. Our top 10 in 2020 have proven production and all make for great WR1 on your fantasy squad. Here’s our top 30 preseason wide receivers! (Subject to change)

Behind the scenes, the team is working on our preseason full set of rankings for paid members along with cheat sheets. Once the season kicks off, we’ll push out the usual weekly rankings for college fantasy leagues and college DFS.

1WRJa’Marr ChaseLSU300.521.46
2WRReggie Roberson Jr.SMU11714.62
3WRRondale MoorePurd5112.75
4WRDevonta SmithAla209.616.12
5WRRashod BatemanMinn187.914.45
6WRJustyn RossClem134.59.61
7WRTylan WallaceOkSt138.315.37
8WRDazz NewsomeUNC162.713.56
9WRChatarius AtwellLou209.8216.14
10WRSage SurrattWake166.118.46
11WRJonathan AdamsArkSt115.18.85
12WRMarquez StevensonHou167.613.97
13WRDamonte CoxieMem181.612.97
14WRJared SmartHawaii142.99.53
15WRAmon-Ra St. BrownUSC152.211.71
16WRCharleston RamboOkla105.87.56
17WRTamorrion TerryFlaSt173.713.36
18WRJaylen WaddleAla104.58.04
19WRTyler VaugnsUSC127.210.6
20WRQuez WatkinsSMiss153.912.83
21WRGeorge PickensUGA120.710.06
22WRDyami BrownUNC176.3214.69
23WRChris OlaveOHSt157.412.11
24WRTre NixonUCF12510.42
25WRWarren JacksonColSt159.915.99
26WRTerrace Marshall Jr.LSU145.112.09
27WRTre WalkerSJSU132.113.21
28WRWhop PhilyorInd134.511.21
29WRKhalil ShakirBoise154.211.01
30WRTyquan ThorntonBayl108.28.32
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